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Nanee's Review of Boots on the Ground (Homefront #1) Rebecca Crowley - Samhain Publishing

Samhain Publishing


It takes a strong heart to connect roots with wings. Homefront, Book 1 With a life that started in foster care and nearly ended in the mountains of Afghanistan,Grady Reid is more than ready to hang up his sergeant’s stripes when his Army contract expires.

 Small-town Meridian, Kansas, seems as good a place as any to finally put down roots.He’s dumped his savings into a ramshackle farmhouse and is on his way to trading bullets for bull breeding when an exquisitely beautiful, totally unattainable blonde turns his head faster than a pivoting cutting horse.

Dr. Laurel Hayes longs to escape the confines of stuffy, small-town life for an adrenaline fueled,transient lifestyle delivering medical aid in unstable regions around the world.Then she meets Grady, a man with enticing eyes, a slow smile—and not an ounce of the wanderlust that tugs at her soul.

Their lives are headed in opposite directions. But as something more powerful than attraction, desire, or even lust draws them together, something’s got to give…or their hearts could break under the strain.Warning: Contains a strong, silent Texan military man with wounds he can’t name, and the gorgeous doctor tough enough to heal them.

Nanee's Review:

This story was sweet, heartwarming, light sexy and very emotional all in one. Not overpowering emotional just a nice balance of heartbreak and new beginnings. I loved Grady, He's hot as hell, a hero in my book and so damn sweet and adorable but also a little lost but so damn honorable it breaks my heart. Laurel is a Doctor in a small town who's looking for more, the more she can't figure out is yet but it's important. She has a great sense of humor and puts herself out there when she wants something. I love these two together. The only complaint or mention  is with all the build up over her tough family with him fitting in and her families issues should have been more there, I'm glad they accepted him and Laurel's brother is a great guy. I felt for the hero's that came home from war and had horrible nightmares and memories they want to forget. I think the author captured most of that very well, I think a little more would have been nice some parts glazed over but over all a nice story, i thought the characters were great. The story was well written and lighthearted, easy, sweet and loving too. Want t read more by this author and this series. 4-4.5 stars


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