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Blog Tour - The Intern by Gabrielle Tozer

The Intern

Title:  The Intern 

Author:   Gabrielle Tozer

Genre: New Adult

Publish Date:   10/1/14

Publisher: Harper 360

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~ Book Synopsis ~ 
 Seventeen-year-old Josie is studying journalism and ends up at Sash magazine to do an internship. Josie has little enthusiasm for fashion and wants to be a serious journalist. But she has little choice. It’s Sash or the local cat fancier’s magazine.

Once at Sash, Josie comes to grips with the fact that the fashion industry isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Plus she has to contend with her fellow interns and the editor, Rae, who is in charge and arbitrary - one day Josie’s her hot new favorite, the next, who knows?

Country girl Josie also has to get used to living in the city, and sharing a small flat with her cousin Tim, and his hotter-than-hot roommate James, is an education. Things come to a head at Sash when Josie manages to connect with Billy, a troubled rock star. But a disastrous episode at a nightclub and the fallout on social media causes Josie to wake up and see the real person behind his glamorous front.

Josie starts to wonder if she’ll ever get the journalistic break she longs for …


Kat cackled, then plonked onto my bed, squashing the heaving mass of clothes. Too tired to argue, I sat down
next to her and double-checked that my boob hadn’t made another escape. Kat fussed with her thick fringe. 

‘So, found something to wear tomorrow, Jose?’

Broken shoes, stained shirts and fraying dresses burst from the wardrobe, spilling into an unwearable mess. Apersonal stylist would’ve come in handy to tell me why I shouldn’t tape my sneakers together instead of buying a new pair, and how to dress like a normal seventeen almost-eighteen-year-old

.‘Yep. Well, maybe. Probably. No. I’m screwed. 

My sister just saw my boob and I’m screwed.Cursing, I lay back on the bed. Kat reapplied her gloss.It smelled of cherries, reminiscent of summery desserts.

‘Hey Jose?’ she said.


‘I won’t tell anyone I saw your boob.’

‘Thanks.’‘Well, except Tye,’ Kat added. 

‘I tell him everything.You know, boyfriend rules and all that.’I sighed. One of those melodramatic I-hate-my-lifesighs, where the air rushed up from the depths of mystomach and exploded with a raging ‘whoosh’. But if Katnoticed, she didn’t show it.

‘Hey Jose?’ she said again.

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Author Photo_GABRIELLE TOZERAbout the Author:

Gabrielle Tozer is a senior features writer who has edited, sub-edited and written for several magazines, newspapers and anthologies throughout the past decade. In addition to Gabrielle’s work on Dolly, Cosmopolitan, DisneyGiRL, Mamamia and FamilyFun, she has also written for creative journals such as GOfish and Take It As Red. Born and bred in regional New South Wales, Gabrielle now works at Pacific Magazines and lives in the heart of Sydney.

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