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Author RAIN CARRINGTON Release day Blitz Crazy Little Man Called Love (Book 4 Apishipa Creek) and Road Runner (Enchantment)

Today I would love to welcome Rain Carrington to my blog! I absolutely love this author she takes M/M romance to a new level. She creates such amazing character's that aren't all fluff and perfect. They are real with real emotions and heartbreak and sexy as hell...and they love with all their heart and soul. Rain is not only a amazing writer but a funny, sweet and inspiring person, I just want to hug her!. Although I have never met her in person (only Facebook) she seems real to me, she cares about people and their right to be happy with whomever that may be. She's creative and imaginative in her writing and teaches her readers through her stories that BDSM isn't all one mold, it's different layers, it's love and security and guidance. I highly recommend reading Rain's books if you haven't and if you have continue on with Crazy Little Man Called Love and Road Runner you will fall in love.   


Running to America to lick the wounds of a broken relationship, Sidney Haxby still could not find the Dom he desired. Set to go back to London, he decides to stay a few more days, taking in the solitude and beauty of Apishipa Creek to spend a few days with his father, big bad Dom Lin.
When Brandon Love crashes a dinner party and offers to take Sidney home, they get snowed in for days, forced to confront the feelings they had for each other each time they met at the BDSM club, Manacle. Seeing in each other what they’d always longed for, they want to begin a relationship, putting Sidney where he wanted, on his knees at the feet of the Master he feared he would never have.

A trip to London so Sidney could settle his affairs and past puts him in peril. Can Brandon save Sidney? Will their pasts get in the way of their future together? And what is the mysterious stranger trying to tell them about the house in Apishipa Creek they all live in at one time or another? Find out in Crazy Little Man Called Love….

Nanee's Review:

Another sexy, sweet and amazing story by Rain Carrington. Rain is my favorite m/m romance writer, she tells a story in such a way your effected by it; your heart wrenches, pounds and falls in love again and again. Her characters in this series are amazing. I love each of them for different reasons but mostly their uniqueness, their love for each other and their fire. I don't want to ruin anything but revealing too much but I have to say I loved this story...

This story takes you on a journey of discovery through Sidney and Brandon's relationship. Sidney wants a Dom bad and is getting nowhere until he notices Master Love at Manacle. The problem is Sidney's father Lin (The big bad Dom) doesn't know he's a sub and worse he would never allow it and Master Love doesn't seem to notice him. I love these two together, their relationship once it gets started is different then all the other couples, it's intense, serious and demanding but oh so loving too! These two characters take you on a wild ride; with crazy ex's, break outs, pissed off parents and more love than you can imagine, so damn sexy! Rain visits each couple throughout this book, sharing moments, having hot as hell sex, discipline (lots) and punishments (lol especially Binxie). I love that she brings them all back in a huge way and goes back and forth between each couple and then all together as a group.

I thought Rain wrote such amazing characters/couples, they are each unique and their relationships are all different but loving all the same. She teaches us newbies in the BDSM reader world that it's not all the same, their are all different kinds of partnerships, relationships and more in this life style and it's amazing to learn and get deeper into these characters lives.

Jack and Rebel (yummy) my favorite couple
Travis and Lonnie (so sexy) well maybe my favorite couple
Nathan, Pappy and Binx (so damn cute and hot as hell) Binx i jut too damn adorable and a handful.
Sidney and Brandon Love (intense and sexy) so freaking intense

All these characters are meant for each other, love each other, can't live without each other. It's overwhelming their love and need. Love every minute of reading this story. I cannot wait for Master Lin's story next, love that man..of yeh love Sidney's mom too so damn funny. I thought this book shed new light on another BDSM relationship (sometimes harsh), but loving. Love love love a secret part of the book that brings them all together, love it...great writing Rain, you inspire me to write with my heart and soul. Thanks for sharing another amazing story with me..

5 huge stars


In the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, is a man who has secrets. He watches people at a bar nightly, writing things in his notebook and trying to blend in with the locals. His secrets keep him from getting close to anyone until Bobby Dawes comes off the road after a long haul in his 18-wheeler. After getting to know Bobby, he realizes he’d never been close to anyone. That was about to change.
Levi Kape can’t settle down and not because he doesn’t want to, but because it could endanger his life. Bobby makes an intimidating sight, one that Levi wants more than anything, including his own safety.
When Levi leaves, Bobby goes back onto the road, trying to forget the “golden god” he’d fallen for, but with some help from friends with connections to dark people and places, Bobby finds his man and swears never to let him go again.
Can they save each other not only from the men who want Levi dead but from years of never seeking or finding the love they found in one another? Will the ultimate betrayal cost them the trust they need to make it work between them? Can Bobby save him, or be lost in a dark world alone…

Nanee's Review:

Wow! Rain This books rocks.

I love how the author brings in past characters such as my all time favorites Ethan and Hunter and of course Carter, and we get some Ethan and Hunter sex too YUMMY!. This book is about a big, muscled, sexy truck driver who loves to be on the road. Although he has a home and he does miss it at times he also feels less alone on the road, he has some one night stands and doesn't have to feel anything. Levi oh Levi he is a sexy, sweet, and has a major secret that keeps him from getting to close to people. I loved the first time these two met, I love how Bobby feels comfortable with Levi and Levi wants more. I love their friendship and their both wanting more but understanding with their lives the way they are they don't have the luxury of settling down. This book has action, sexy as hell sex scenes (as only Rain can write) and some tough love. Love the who done it feel in the middle and the what the hell just happened moments too. This book keeps you on the edge of lust and wanted to slap someone or worse. Loved every minute of it. Love the characters; their bond to each other, their protectiveness (especially Hunter) and their love for each other. WOW! Loved these characters and the wild ride Rain took me on.

I can't get enough of Rain's writing, She truly is a gifted writer, her worlds she creates stay with you.


Author BIO

Rain Carrington started writing when she was just a teenager in Trinidad, Colorado but didn’t start writing M/M romance until much later. Through the years many of her gay male friends told stories of heartache and the struggle to find “the one” so she told them stories, fantasies all about them and their future cowboy, fireman, biker or policeman. When she found a writing site that encouraged her to write them down she started what was an adventure like she never had before.
Her first story, Cabin fever, about a young man searching for love and finding it wrapped in a member of a mafia family gained her readers who cheered for more. She knew then that she had found her place in the world. To make stories of love and kink that not only her readers but she could get lost in as well.
Rain now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado but has traveled most of the US. Her last road trip to San Francisco gave her characters still coming out…no pun intended…in her newer stories. Rain has severe scoliosis which makes it hard for her to do all the things she used to love but it did give her the time to write that she never had before. She fights for lgbt rights from her home as best she can now and keeps in close contact with her friends that fight on two good legs to point them where they should go. She is a fervent believer that one door never closes without another opening so there are no limits she can’t get past.

Of all the people in the world no one has encouraged and supported her like her friends, many of them writers themselves, and her family. There is never a dull moment in her home where laughter is in the air 24/7 and everyone knows to avoid the computer screen when she sits in front of it. They never know what kind of beautiful man love they may see. Rain calls it research, they call it, “there she goes again!”

Rain's one year anniversary coming up on Oct 25th Congrats Rain on your 8 Books !

Catch these other great books by Rain

      Meet Ethan...he's a self proclaimed slut hitchhiking across country from New York on his way to San Francisco. He stops in a small town in New Mexico and gets a job at a tavern called Honky Tonk without really wanting it. The owner of the tavern is a hulking man named Hunter Westmore and Ethan does everything he can to get the man's attention and once he does his dirtiest dreams come true. 

Hunter is a cowboy and owns a ranch as well as the tavern. When he meets the city kid who came into the tavern he didn't know what hit him. He'd never felt the way Ethan made him feel and he tried to ignore the younger man but no one could ignore Ethan. Once he finally gives in they start a discovery of what makes them both tick, and what they both love is when Hunter takes a strong hand to Ethan and gives him his collar. Can their darkly seductive love last or will their kinks tear them apart?                             

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           In this sequel to Honky Tonk Ethan and Hunter are in New York to see Ethan's parents who had thrown him out at 15 because of his promiscuous behavior. They like Hunter and are overjoyed when Hunter asks them for Ethan's hand in marriage but old habits die hard and Ethan comes away from his home feeling low like when he had first been told to leave. Things get worse at his old hang outs and soon all of the things Ethan had done to make himself feel like a good man are forgotten as he lets old feelings come back making him question himself and the love Hunter feels for him.

Reggie is living in New York going to school but something is missing from his life and one night when he goes with Hunter and Ethan to a BDSM club he finds out who that something is. Drew is tied and abused and he takes Reggie's heart with one look. Drew's Master just happens to be Ferguson Kenroy, Ethan's old lover, and Fergi wants Ethan back. When Ethan and Reggie snatch Drew away from him Fergi takes Ethan to compensate. 

      What will happen to the wedding of the century in Mesa Rojo when Hunter and Ethan are forced to babysit a mobster, deal with the homophobic father of the groomsman, and overcome their own cold feet? Sparks! 
Hunter and Ethan are back in the third and final installment of the Honky Tonk Trilogy. In this story we revisit Westmore Ranch where Hunter is forced to have a man stay on the ranch who is a member of a west coast crime family. This man, Troy Castor, sets his sights on damaged Drew behind Reggie’s back. In steps Ethan to save the day but with heavy consequences.
The wedding is not going as planned as Reggie’s father blames Hunter for “corrupting his only son into homosexuality”. He starts rumors, causing the vendors to run for cover to avoid being in the middle of a war between the two largest cattlemen in the area. This and their own insecurities about being a man the other deserves has them both worried if they are even ready to commit for a lifetime.
When the day finally comes bullets fly. With the bullets come revelations, tears and new dreams to reach for but will Hunter and Ethan be the ones reaching for them together or will one have to set out on his own? 

           This trilogy has the complete works of the Honky Tonk Trilogy. Honky Tonk 1 came out with a bang, hitting Amazon Best Sellers list and staying in the top ten for three weeks. The story of Ethan and Hunter became a fast fan favorite and now you can own all three in one book! Enjoy their trials and triumphs as we watch Ethan go from unsure young man to a self-assured ranch owner with the help and love of Hunter. 

  Jack Colton dedicated his life to two things, the law and the love of a good man named Martin. When Martin dies Jack goes into mourning so deeply that he starts to see his late husband everywhere. Martin tells Jack that he needs to move on and find another love but Jack is holding on too hard to his love and his job to see love when it speeds through the small sleepy town he watches over.

Rebel Marino lives up to his name. He fights hard not only with his fists but to keep from letting anyone get close. Rebel inherits a home and business from his favorite aunt, whom he sees even though she recently passed away. She tries to convince him that the tall handsome sheriff is worth a leap of faith.

Together they start to discover what it means to move on, to trust, and push the boundaries of not only their interest in BDSM but of love itself but will a third man who is secretly in love with Jack come between them and rip them apart before their love can fully bloom? 

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    Brokenhearted and lost, Lonnie begins to search for something to replace the long held love of a man who is in love with another. His search takes him on a dangerous slope with alcohol once more but there to pick him up and dust him off if an unlikely hero.
As his life begins to turn around he finds real love and his dreams are all starting to come true, including a dream he didn’t know he had. To be a man’s submissive. While his discovers new desires and feelings that are more intense and encompassing than ever, he finds the road to his dreams isn’t an easy one.
More explosive than Rebel Yells, Penny’s Lane will take you on a ride that will leave you breathless with hot love, evil vengeance and deepening friendships. 

   They say opposites attract but in the case of a preacher and a man of science, things get downright incendiary. Mark (Pappy) Rafferty is an ex priest recently moved to Apishipa Creek to start his own church in the beauty of the Rockies. Nathan Lee is the smooth talking Atheist doctor of the town’s clinic. They start jogging together every morning for safety but their hearts become in peril from one another.

Dayton Binx is a submissive actively searching for a Dom. Travis Walton feels a kinship to the younger man because of their similar backgrounds but soon passes the pain in the neck off to Pappy. Pappy, who believes nothing can come of the overwhelming attraction he feels for the doctor, takes the sub on and begins to fall in love with him. A slip of long awaited passion between he and Nathan threatens to tear Pappy’s sub from him, but never underestimate a sub on a mission! 

With more intrigue, suspense and hot action between sexy men, Apishipa Creek heats up once again as three men find an uncommon bond while two others are ripped apart because of stubborn pride. Can everyone live happily ever after or will those wishing revenge complete what they started and kill those who get in their way?

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Keep your eyes open for Rain's next book, we know they will be hot as hell..Find Rain below!

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