Friday, September 12, 2014

Nanee's Review of For the Love of Geese by Melissa Shirley


When pampered publishing princess, Rebecca Heller crashes her father's Porsche, her parents are livid, doling out the punishment of the century. Being exiled to live with a grandmother she never knew existed is one thing, but to live in a house that can fit in her closet without electricity or running water? Insanity. 

Enter Dylan Laugherty—an Adonis in tight jeans and flannel shirt. He's sarcastic, funny, and hot enough to make hell boil over. Believing him the storybook knight in shining armor, she flaunts her style and grace, but instead of asking for her phone number, the farm boy showers her with hostility. 

How can she be expected to survive a six-month banishment to a place where she can’t use a blow dryer and geese attack her Gucci shoes? Not to mention the brooding farm boy she can’t stop thinking about. 

Nanee's Review:

Rebecca is a spoiled princess that's for sure, I know she changes throughout the story but I never completely liked her. Her snottiness got on my nerves a little too much I think. Dylan, wow he is one sexy as hell farm boy...he's snippy and sexy, killer grin and cocky but sweet, romantic and surprising in every way. Loved Dylan's family, too funny. I hated Becca's family, the stuck up a - holes of course except gram...loved Gram to pieces. I thought the story cute, lighthearted, sexy in parts and sweet but thought it could have been better, I think Becca could have been more towards the end, more could have happened maybe I'm not sure. Just something was missing, but if your looking for a light read, sweet and a little sexy this is a good book. 3-3.5 stars 

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