Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nanee's Review of Flaming Hot (Firefighters of Lanville, TX #2) by Lynn LaFleur


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Sparks fly the moment Eve and Quade meet. Fear of heartbreak makes them wary but neither can deny the scorching waves of desire that leave them wanting so much more...


Paige wonders about Cort's past but she can't ignore the heat she feels inside every time he touches her. And things only get hotter when this sexy firefighter takes her to the heights of extreme carnal pleasure...


For years Kirk has kept a secret that not even his twin knows. But the arrival in town of a sexy newcomer turns up the heat and keeps the flames of passion burning all night long..

Nanee's Review:

I really enjoyed Smokin Hot so I couldn't wait to read this book in the series. Flaming Hot wasn't as sexy or well written as Smokin Hot but I did enjoy. 


I loved Quade I thought he was sexy, he's a dog lover so he's automatically awesome in my But Eve's character didn't wow me, she was kind of boring. I would have liked more wow in this book, I mean these firefighters are hot as hell and hero's but I think the writing fell a little flat in this one.


Cort I loved too I thought he was very hot, he can cook and he's a fireman. I mean that's a triple win right there but again the Paige's character didn't wow me. They were hot for each other and it moved a little smoother but again it missed something. I cant say what but it lacked something wow. 


Now Kirk and Josh's story I loved, I like a sexy and sweet m/m story and I loved this one. I thought the characters were perfect for each other both well written and the story flowed nicely. I thought both these guys contributed greatly to the story.

Over all I think each story could have been better. I know it's tough with novella's or short stories to capture everything that needs to be captured but i think more time on character development could have went a long way. Each story was sexy in the sex department but not much else in the deeper sense. 3-3.5 stars 

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