Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sweet Redemption by Bonni Sansom - Sizzler Editions

 August 1, 2014
"There is a satisfying HEA in the epilogue and this is a very quick read, so if you are looking for a love story that you can pick up and read in an hour or so, with a happy ending, this is the book for you." - Mrs. Condit Reviews

Being a war-widow is hell on the sex life, as Ellie Mason knows all too well. And thanks to the last storm that blew through, her sex life isn't her only concern anymore. Rain and high winds damaged her barn. While placing an ad for a handyman, in walks Cord, the man of her dreams. He might just be the one to fire up her sex life, that is... if he’ll take the job.

Ellie and Cord’s relationship is soon troubled by Ellie’s menacing pet pig Bacon, who is set on destroying everything Cord owns. Then there’s the hired hand Justin, who searches out the truth about Cord’s past and uses it against him, and Ellie and Cord’s new relationship spirals out of control. Will their budding love survive a missing condom, a crazy pig and a jealous man? 

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