Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nanee's Review of Red Hawk's Women by Karen Kay


Their passion is thunder and lightning. Their fate could be a flood of sorrow.

The Lost Clan, Book 3

Red Hawk’s most precious childhood memory is of a single morning with a girl whose
beauty seemed lit from within with magic. Now, years later, she could very well hold the key to a centuries-old curse—but when his visions lead him to her again, no recognition lights her eyes.

At age twenty-five, Effie Rutledge has missed her chance for marriage, but the daughter of a renowned archaeologist would rather get her hands dirty on a dig than cleaning up after some man.She is determined to finish her father’s quest to recover four precious artifacts that could free a lost clan from a half life in the mists, but with her expedition reported as jinxed, there are no guides to be had. Except one tall, enigmatic native who draws her as naturally as water flows to the sea.

Even when memories reconnect, they struggle to trust each other. Worse, their oncein-a-lifetime passion risks the Thunder god’s wrath—and the future of the entire Lost Clan. This book has been previously published.

Warning: Within the pages of this book is an all-consuming passion, so deep, so sensuous, it might cause you to want to spend the night in a loved one’s arms.

Nanee's Review:

I enjoy this author's stories, I enjoyed Spirit of the Wolf and this one is just as good. Red Hawk I liked immediately I felt for him from the beginning, I didn't like his nickname or what his new people called him but he's a strong man on a mission. Effie I liked also from the beginning, when she was listening to her father speak about the curse and the artifacts he must find. Very interesting and intriguing story, I loved the passion between the characters, their love for each other and how their souls touch. Another great story by this author in this series, I enjoy her descriptions of their surroundings, the feel of being part of the story and the love described. Great story 4 stars 

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