Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nanee's Review of No Hero by Mallory Kane


A darkly handsome New Orleans detective who insists he’s no hero is blindsided by his one-time lover, a sexy investigative TV reporter, who exposes his secret troubled past to the whole world...and nearly costs him his job. When the at-risk teens he mentors start turning up dead, his vow to protect the other kids hits a major snag...his only clue to finding the determined killer is held by the one woman he never wants to see again. Compelled to work together to solve the vicious murders before another child dies, their passion reluctantly reignites, and their mutual mistrust slowly turns to respect as she realizes there’s much more to being a hero than outward appearances, and his deeply wounded heart gradually opens to the possibility of love.

Nanee's Review:

I thought this story was intriguing, action packed, mysterious and full of what the hell moments. I loved the characters especially Dev. He's so hard on himself but he is a hero in my book, he does so much for homeless kids and he's sexy as sin too. Reghan at first I do not like at all, I hate nosey, righteous reports who don't care about people or their feelings but once the story got deeper so did Reghan. I loved these too together, I thought they fit perfectly. The secondary characters; some were creepy...some were awesome like Nicky and Penn and Katie, I just love what Dev does for everyone. I felt for him when his kids starting dying. Great story, great characters, very who done it and mysterious. I would love to read more by this author, I enjoyed her writing style very much. 4-4.5 stars 

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