Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nanee's Review of Pappy Don't Preach (Apishipa Creek Chronicles #3) by the Amazing Rain Carrington


They say opposites attract but in the case of a preacher and a man of science, things get downright incendiary. Mark (Pappy) Rafferty is an ex priest recently moved to Apishipa Creek to start his own church in the beauty of the Rockies. Nathan Lee is the smooth talking Atheist doctor of the town’s clinic. They start jogging together every morning for safety but their hearts become in peril from one another.

Dayton Binx is a submissive actively searching for a Dom. Travis Walton feels a kinship to the younger man because of their similar backgrounds but soon passes the pain in the neck off to Pappy. Pappy, who believes nothing can come of the overwhelming attraction he feels for the doctor, takes the sub on and begins to fall in love with him. A slip of long awaited passion between he and Nathan threatens to tear Pappy’s sub from him, but never underestimate a sub on a mission! 

With more intrigue, suspense and hot action between sexy men, Apishipa Creek heats up once again as three men find an uncommon bond while two others are ripped apart because of stubborn pride. Can everyone live happily ever after or will those wishing revenge complete what they started and kill those who get in their way?

Nanee's Review:

Wow! Rain Carrington writes with her heart and soul. Her stories just get better and better. All the amazing characters are back and crazier, sexier and more bad ass then ever. Wow! This book is packed with sexy as hell scenes, sexy as hell Subs and Doms and so much love and emotion I fell in love with it. This book grabbed me from the first page and awed me through the whole story, action packed, new beginnings, lost loves and make up sex...yeh it's got it all. Loved this book, love the surprise guests (I won't ruin it by telling you but holy shit! I was shocked) Love Lane and Rebel and Binx just adds to this sexy as hell group of Subs, love them. The Doms rock too. Rain I can't wait for more of your stories, you rock...5 huge stars 

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