Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nanee's Review of Lure of the Beast (Book 2 of the Beast Within Trilogy) by J. Ashburn


The adventure and romance continues as Alec finds more intrigue and desire in the town of Redfern. Alec and Philip finally decide to stop running and settle down but Alec's sister Rachelle has other plans. Still angry at becoming a whelp, a newborn wolf, she is determined to make Alec's life a living hell. 

To add fuel to the fire a new shifter enters town, adding a new temptation to Alec's relationship as the Pure Blood- one of the oldest and strongest of the wolf shifters-closes in on Alec. What does the Pure Blood want with Alec and will finding out destroy the happy life he’s found in the sleepy mountain town? 

Book 2 of the Beast Within Trilogy. 
It is strongly recommended that you read book 1: Man and the Beast before starting this book.

Nanee's Review:

Loved this book as much as book one - Man and the Beast.  love Alec and Phillip's characters , love them together too, they are sexy and sweet. Max is amazing as always, she really loves these guys and wants what's best for them. I love when she gives it to them when their being idiots. Lol...amazing writing again, dragged me in from page one and kept me on the edge of my seat. Rochelle omg she's crazy, nuts, out of! I don't want to ruin anything but there are some kick ass moments, some What the hell just happened moments and some loving moments, action packed and awesome! Great story, can't wait for book 3... 5 stars 

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