Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nanee's Review of In The Moonlight by Aliana Gaynor - Secret Cravings Publishing


Cleo Wright’s life is all about slinging drinks at The Lair and enjoying life with her friends while avoiding trouble. Unfortunately, trouble comes in all sorts of varieties. The local rich boy thinks she should be his while the club’s hot new manager thinks she needs protecting. Can her life get any more complicated?
Cyrus Giordano knows he has a soul mate out in the world somewhere, but he certainly doesn’t expect to find her tending bar where he’s now the new manager. He’s drawn to her like no other woman, but is she the one?

Do soul mates really exist? Can Cyrus protect Cleo long enough for them both to find out?

Nanee's Review:

There's alot going on in this story, its intriguing and mysterious, along with sexy and what the heck just happened moments. The tension and hatred Cleo feels for Jared and not wanting trouble escalates and is dealt with by Cyrus the new office manager at Lair who works with Cleo, who she has a thing for. Very sexy these two, I loved them together. I love the Lair, everyone has each others backs. Like a family, Cyrus, Cleo and the bouncers Max and Joseph. There's violence, fear on Cleo Part, Revenge on Jared's part and so much more. I loved the stories we here about soul mates from Grandma Rose and how they were scoffed at. Love stories with Soul Mates or Mates, I love the passion and love and sexiness of stories like this. Sexy story...4 stars

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