Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nanee's Review of An Impossible Mate (Strength of the Pack #1) by Joy Lynn Fielding


Loner Matt Urban has somehow ended up as alpha to a pack of outcasts and misfits. When an injured shifter blunders onto their territory one night, swearing he didn’t know it was pack territory, Matt is suspicious. It doesn’t help that the stranger, Jesse Turner, is as stubborn as Matt. Wanting answers, Matt persuades Jesse to stay a while, and the intense attraction they feel for one another soon blazes into heat. That’s when Matt realizes—the stranger with the smart mouth and the attitude problem is his mate.

Matt, still mourning the lover he lost years ago, doesn’t want a mate, and Jesse doesn’t believe in mates. Yet neither of them can deny the pull they feel toward one another.

They’re still struggling with the situation when a hostile alpha claims Jesse. Matt has to fight to protect Jesse. First, though, he has to fight Jesse’s stubborn independence if he’s to win his heart.

Nanee's Review:

Wow! Sexy story with m/m romance and a shifter pack...I'm hooked!!! I  can't wait to read more by this author and in this series. I thought the characters were great, Jesse is stubborn, has a attitude and smart mouth and Matt is a loner but also the alpha of a misfit pack. Great concept and story, the story flowed perfectly, just enough twists and turns and wow..the sexy in this story is a page turner that's for sure. I loved it from start to finish and want more. Very sweet, sexy and intriguing story. 5 stars 

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