Monday, July 7, 2014

Nanee's Review of The Healer: Warriors of the Wind, Book 3 Chelley Kitzmiller


Doctor Logan Kincade is every Bostonian's guest of choice—not because of his rugged good looks, his wit or his renown as a surgeon, but because his blood isn't blue like theirs. It's red. Apache Red. But the social darling fast becomes a pariah when his modern techniques are rejected by the medical community. Meanwhile, a plea from his brother summons him home to the Arizona Territory; his sister is coming of age, and he must keep a vow he made long ago to bring the White man's medicine to his people. But like Boston, home offers no hope for Logan: neither the White man nor the Apache will accept him or his medicine. 

After Sadie Davenport's supernatural healing power is discovered by her greedy aunt and uncle, she faces two options—allow them to exploit her ability for profit, or run away. So, when she sees an ad from a local doctor calling for a sturdy teacher to accompany him to the Arizona Territory, she jumps at the chance. Her one problem? Logan sets her heart on fire upon first sight, but because of her homely disguise he's unaware of the devastating beauty he just hired.

When their journey becomes embroiled in the clashing world of the Apaches and White man, Logan and Sadie must unite in order to survive. They quickly learn that despite their surface differences, their hearts beat with shared heat and longings—and both conceal intimate secrets. Mysteries that only fuel their increasing desire for one another. As those secrets start to unravel, they realize the truth can either save their lives or destroy their future… 

Nanee's Review:

This is the first in this series and by this author I have read and I enjoyed it, I would definitely read more by this author. I thought book was a little bit slow in spots and a tad rushed in others but over all the story kept my interest. I enjoyed the characters and the setting of the story, I thought the authors descriptions were intriguing. Dr Logan Kincaid is torn between his home and his life in Boston as a white mans doctor and Sadie just wants to run from her life; away from people who want to exploit her. I enjoyed their working relationship, friendship and more, they are perfect for each other, I enjoyed them together. Very much enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more in the future but this author and this series. 4 stars 

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