Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nanee's Review of Runaway Cowboy (The Bonifay Family, #2) by Keira Cole


The second book in the Bonifay Family series by Keira Cole, following Come and Get It

As one of the youngest Bonifays, Rebecca suffered the most when her parents died, but with the strength of her close-knit Texas family behind her, she came through it and now helps run the Bonifay ranch and her own horse rescue operation. She’s also matured into a sexy and beautiful woman with an itch that needs scratching. Setting her sights on Jesse English, the dark cowboy who’s recuperating at the ranch, Rebecca decides it’s time to stop letting her older siblings call the shots and start taking charge of her own desires.

Jesse is a drifter through and through. Orphaned at a young age, he’s seen the worst of state care and foster homes, and he knows better than to put down roots in any one place for long. Scarred by his drug-addled father, he knows he’s not good-looking enough for a woman like Rebecca, and with nothing to offer her, he just wants to get healthy at the ranch and move on before he gets hurt again.

As Jesse begins to heal and Rebecca makes it more than clear that she wants the moody and ruggedly handsome cowboy to be her first, he has to fight every impulse he has as a man to keep her at a distance. But there’s no denying the headstrong beauty or the raging passion building between them, and as the two struggle with their conflicting needs they discover a stronger connection that just might give them both the chance to mend their damaged hearts.

Nanee's Review:

Wow, loved these characters especially Jesse. I felt for him from the beginning, he's amazing, sexy, sweet, sexy..lol..he pulled himself up from his horrible past and is a hardworking, kick butt kind of guy, he's got a heart of gold. Of course  Becca, she's got a heart bigger than Texas, she's beautiful inside and out, she funny, quirky and sweet and loves her family. Love all the sisters and her brother too but Bud was amazing, he pulled this family together, he takes care of Becca and a is a honorable man. The story from start to finish is amazing, at first the "dude" word was driving me crazy but I get it, their young, funny and goofy sisters who like to mess around. I truly loved this story, loved the horse rescue with Beauty, loved the family and especially loved the love between Jesse and Becca, they both need love and deserve it, they are hot as hell together. I hated Grady...love this book, I highly recommend. Can't wait to read the next in this series, this author writes very emotional, sweet, sexy (wow sexy as hell) and loving story. 5 huge stars 


  1. Wonderful review, Nanee! It seemed like you really enjoyed reading this novel. Do you have high expectations for the next one in the series?

    1. Yes, I love the writing style and just know the next will be just as good...