Friday, June 13, 2014

Nanee's Review of Rescuing Serenity by Dort Wesley - Blushing Books


Sid Prentiss, a famous bounty hunter, is hired by Harrison Compton to find his underage, jilted daughter and bring her home to him. Sid didn’t normally take on cases of this sort, but the man offered him as much money as he could make in five years of hunting bounties, and Sid really hated the idea of a na├»ve little girl alone where men outnumbered ladies by ten to one. When he finally rode into another town, looking for someone who knew of the little girl, Sid was shocked to learn that she was the female bounty hunter that folks were talking about, and he decided that the underage brat needed a good spanking! 

Serenity was not amused when she learned her lying father was now sending bounty hunters after her! She was twenty-two years old, owned her stallion, and she was going to set the record straight once and for all. But, Sid Prentiss wasn’t like most men, and for the first time in her life, she found herself over a man’s knee, getting the seat of her britches set on fire! 

Serenity ran from Sid, praying the man would give up on her. Not only did he threaten her freedom from her horrible father, Sid Prentiss threatened her as a woman. She was attracted to him, and she feared she just might follow her instincts and ask him to be her first lover!

Nanee's Review:

Love Sid and Serenity they are funny as hell, hot for each other and good shots, being both bounty hunters. What a wild ride these two take us on. Great secondary characters; some are sweet and others are down right scary. Harrison is a low down dog who will do anything for money and none of his kids want anything to do with him. Love how strong and sassy Serenity is and how smitten Sid is but boy oh boy does he love to paddle her ass and light her britches on fire when she misbehaves. These two are perfect for each other, they have huge hearts and are sexy together. Great story, a little short but packed a punch. 4 stars 

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