Monday, June 16, 2014

Nanee's Review of Penny's Lane by Rain Carrington

Brokenhearted and lost, Lonnie begins to search for something to replace the long held love of a man who is in love with another. His search takes him on a dangerous slope with alcohol once more but there to pick him up and dust him off if an unlikely hero.
As his life begins to turn around he finds real love and his dreams are all starting to come true, including a dream he didn’t know he had. To be a man’s submissive. While his discovers new desires and feelings that are more intense and encompassing than ever, he finds the road to his dreams isn’t an easy one.

More explosive than Rebel Yells, Penny’s Lane will take you on a ride that will leave you breathless with hot love, evil vengeance and deepening friendships. 

Nanee's Review:

Rain  Carrington is a awe inspiring writer, she brings such depth of emotion in each of her stories and this one  is amazing. Jack and Rebel are back and sexy as ever, they make huge strides in their relationship and I love them more as they stand up for what they believe. Lonnie Lane this story redeemed him in my eyes, I liked him in book 1 and I felt for him and wanted to hug him but in this, he's a amazing man, he's tough and sweet and shy and strong I absolutely loved him. Travis I wanted to hug from page one, he had a lot to learn, he's messed up and doesn't know what he wants but I could tell right off he's wants to be better. He wants to love someone and be happy. Lane and Travis together are hot as hell but it's more than that, they connect body and soul, like Jake and Rebel but more, so much more. Travis and Lane own each others hearts and Rain couldn't have wrote their story any better. Love Dennis and Deb, love Pappy and the Doc, all these characters made this story special. I loved every second, every page, every high and low from page one to the end. I cried, I laughed and I wanted more. This story is emotional and loving, sexy as hell, rough and raw and oh so sweet and romantic. Oh yeh loved Travis's mom and sister too, too funny...beautifully written....5 huge stars

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