Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Nanee's Review of The Family Business by Lianah Morgan


The Blount and Galloway families have been friends and business partners for generations, but Kelly Blount wants something more from Don Galloway... 

She's called him "uncle" (even though he isn't really) and known him as her father's best friend all of her life, but Kelly wants Don to see her as more than just his buddy's little girl. After nosing through his browser history one night, Kelly comes up with a plan to seduce Don and show him that she's a very, very big girl now...with a little help from a tiny plaid skirt. Will Don succumb to Kelly's wiles? Will he resist? Or will Kelly get even more than she bargained for? 

WARNING: This 9800+ word short story involves spanking, a teeny tiny plaid skirt, and rough sex between a young, college-age woman and her father's best friend. Intended for ages 18+ ONLY.

Nanee's Review:

This author knows hot to write sexy erotic stories. The story is on the shorter side story but brings you on a sexy as hell journey with Kel-Kel and uncle Don. Holy hell in this story hot. Kelly wanted Uncle Don for a long time and she figures out the perfect way to get to him. Love how Kelly turns Uncle Don on, then he takes control, spanking, hair pulling and orgasm denial. (Fanning self) so freakin hot and sexy and omg. If your looking for a quick sexy as hell erotic read this books for you, Lianah writes steamy, sexy, holy hell hot erotic stories with kinky guys and bad girls (wink)...4.5 stars 


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