Saturday, June 28, 2014

Nanee's Review of Before There Was You by Denise A. Agnew - Liquid Silver Book

Author Denise A. Agnew 
Genre Romantic Suspense, Uniformed Heroes, Military, Contemporary 


She’s haunted by nightmares of her kidnapping. He’s haunted by memories of war. Together they may find the answers to healing their hearts and their minds … if they can survive the danger stalking them. Denise A. Agnew pens a suspenseful, passionate tale in Before There Was You.

Kidnapped in a foreign country, Lana Burns’ faith in herself and the world has been shaken to the core. Once home, she finds her world mangled by nightmares and depression. Refusing to give in to fear and torment, she searches for answers. Now she must escape a dark mental place before it swallows her whole.

Former Force Recon Marine Aaron MacPherson made it through war without a scratch, but he doesn’t count thick scars carved into his mind, threatening to unhinge his happiness forever. His equilibrium teeters on the edge, his battle moving from combat to everyday life. One wrong word from a total stranger sends him on a path to destruction.

Both Lana and Aaron have seen hell, and group therapy might show them the way out. Forging a link between them could prove perilous to their hearts. When danger strikes without warning, Aaron and Lana must use their bond to create a way to survive the night.

Content Notes: Spicy, Romantic Suspense, Uniformed Heroes, Military, Contemporary

Nanee's Review:

Love romantic suspense, military books. Great characters, I felt for them from the beginning, my emotions were all over the place. Lana after being kidnapped is home with severe depression and nightmares. Aaron MacPherson came back from war with no physical damage but his PTSD is taking over his life, they are both battling to stay in control of the lives. Love their shared link, their friendship and so much more., their bond is unbreakable until its put to the test. Very emotional story, very uplifting as well with their need for each other, and their helping each other heal. Great writing, great characters, would love to read more by this author. Wow! 4.5 stars 

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