Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Nanee's Review of Honky Tonk 3: Wedding Bells and Bullets (Honky Tonk, #3) by Rain Carrington


What will happen to the wedding of the century in Mesa Rojo when Hunter and Ethan are forced to babysit a mobster, deal with the homophobic father of the groomsman, and overcome their own cold feet? Sparks! 
Hunter and Ethan are back in the third and final installment of the Honky Tonk Trilogy. In this story we revisit Westmore Ranch where Hunter is forced to have a man stay on the ranch who is a member of a west coast crime family. This man, Troy Castor, sets his sights on damaged Drew behind Reggie’s back. In steps Ethan to save the day but with heavy consequences.
The wedding is not going as planned as Reggie’s father blames Hunter for “corrupting his only son into homosexuality”. He starts rumors, causing the vendors to run for cover to avoid being in the middle of a war between the two largest cattlemen in the area. This and their own insecurities about being a man the other deserves has them both worried if they are even ready to commit for a lifetime.
When the day finally comes bullets fly. With the bullets come revelations, tears and new dreams to reach for but will Hunter and Ethan be the ones reaching for them together or will one have to set out on his own?

Nanee's review:

Loved this book, what a way to bring the series together. The characters I absolutely love to pieces in all three books but this one just gives them more depth, more love, more heart and soul. Amazing writing by Rain Carrington. She captured me from the beginning and I wanted more, of course when you get to the end you don't want it to book was amazingly written, it was so swoon worthy romantic, sweet, and of course lots of action, go Ethan you tough twink (wink wink) he grows so much and I fell for him even more, Hunter oh my Hunter, he's still my fav he's more sexy, more growly and more loving than we've ever seen him. Everyone shows up for this story and they all especially Carter bring awe to it, I love Carter in this one. Loved Reggie and Drew (even though I wanted to slap him) I thought the Drew singing part was kinda left open but thats good maybe we'll get more. lol..amazing story, amazing characters and amazing writing. I cant say enough how much I enjoyed this series, I love how Ethan and Hunter learned so much along the way...Thank  you Rain for creating this amazing trilogy. I don't want it to end, I need more Hunter and Ethan. 5 huge stars 


  1. Nanee what can I say, you have my undying thanks for this and your other reviews of HT. HUGS thank you lady!

  2. Hugs Rain Carrington your a amazing writer and I love living in your characters world.