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Nanee's Review of Conquering Kameron by Shawn Bailey - Amber Quill Press

Conquering Kameron by Shawn Bailey - Amber Quill Press 


Boston University graduate Kameron Santella lands a job with a prestigious publishing house, but instead of getting the job of his dreams, he ends up at the bottom of the corporate ladder, working his butt off in the mail room. One afternoon, he meets a handsome older man named Vern, whom Kameron thinks is a senior editor. Vern takes a liking to Kameron and invites him on a weekend trip to the museum and dinner. Before the outing ends, romance ensues, and Kameron finds himself falling for the silver-tongued devil. But on Monday morning, Kameron gets the shock of his life when he learns that Vern is actually Vernon Henderson, the no-nonsense CEO and publisher of Henderson’s Publishing Company whom everyone seems to fear.

Will Kameron be able to forgive Vern’s deception and build a relationship with the alluring man, especially when not only his career but his heart is on the line?

Nanee's Review:

I really enjoyed this book, I loved the characters especially Kameron and Vern. I don't want to give away too much but they are sexy as hell together. I loved the secondary characters as well, Jonathan and Michael are perfect for each other, love their banter and flirting. George creeped me out a little, can't the guy take the I thought Michael and Kamerons friendship was great, they are funny when they bust on each other and brag...I thought the author created a sexy story with some intrigue, mystery and cute funny characters. Oh yeh did I say Vern and Kameron are sexy as hell together and perfect for each other too, Love Kamerons quirks too. The only part I wanted more of is when Michael and Kameron were supposed to meet the parents, I would have liked to see how that went. I would definitely want to read more by this author This story was very sexy, sweet, awe like and funny, very cute. 4 stars

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