Friday, May 2, 2014

Nanee's Review of Casey's Surprise by Stacy Ray Phillips - Liquid Silver Books


When a small town Alaskan girl comes home to a mysterious death and the gorgeous hunk next door, cold nights sizzle and intrigue lurks around every corner! Stacy Ray Phillips presents her suspense-filled romance,Casey’s Surprise, Book 1 of her new series, Burnt Bridge, Alaska.

After years of traveling, Casey returns to the isolated Alaskan town she left behind to unravel the mystery behind her Aunt Bevvy’s death. Surprises abound, but the biggest revelation of all is Colin, the boy next door.

Colin has loved Casey forever, and now he finally has her attention. He’s a settle-down kind of guy, and Casey is the woman he’s been waiting for all these years.

Can Casey figure out what happened to her aunt? Will she realize that the boy next door has grown into the man she never knew she’d been looking for, or will her wanderlust carry her far from home once again?

Content Notes: Spicy, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary

Nanee's Review:

What a sweet and romantic story with some intrigue, mystery, sadness and HEA. I loved these characters especially Colin, he's sexy, sweet and a Elementary School Teacher (awe who wouldn't like that) Casey can't stay in one place too long, she doesn't want friends or a loved one to rely on, she thinks everyone leaves or dies and she doesn't want heartbreak ever again but that's before she goes back home to Alaska where she has to bury her aunt and see Colin her neighbor again..these two are hot as heck together, they know instantly there's some time to make up for..the sex is hot hot hot. I loved the towns people and the way they rally to help each other, the only confusing part is the teenagers and they're in the woods adventure (You'll See) But over all a great story, sweet, sexy and romantic 4 stars 

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