Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nanee's Review of The Bull Rider Wears Pink (The Skirts and Spurs Trilogy) by Jeanine McAdam


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Ex-undercover cop Cassidy Cooper always dreamed of becoming a bull rider and competing against the men. But more importantly she needs to rebuild her relationship with her thirteen-year-old son now that she’s home and done working the beat.

Dangerous … 

Things get tangled when John Risk, Cassidy’s former partner and lover, comes back on the scene working undercover on the rodeo circuit while trying to infiltrate a prescription drug ring. But are those John’s only intentions? Besides busting the pushers it seems John is determined to convince Cassidy she is the woman he wants forever. 


With danger and desire threatening to spin out of control, can Cassidy find room in her heart and her life to let John in once again? And…is there really a way for her to have it all? Conquer the toughest bulls, beat the top notch men and ultimately find the happiness she craves?

Nanee's Review:

Love the Cooper family, this one is about Cassidy. 'Ill tell ya from previous books I didn't like her much due to leaving her son Kevin behind, but you get it now ....although this one is not my favorite of this series it still kicks butt, Cassidy Kicks butt. Love Kevin the most, he's smart as hell, a little smart mouthed but also loves his momma deep down. Logan is in rare form which I loved (he's my fav) he's so loving and tough at the same time with his sister. I wanted more Caleb and his baby, we didn't get much with him in this one. But Cassidy and John are sexy as hell together, flirty, and oh so sweet. John and cassidy have a past, a sexy as hell one and one where they both cant let go of. John broke down Cassidy's defenses and showed her how much he cares, loved them together. Cassidy shows us her true self and clears up some misunderstandings from her background, loved that. Loved her going after her dream too, she kicks ass and the Pink story, always great characters in this series and just as sassy and sexy as the others, can't wait for more, did I mention how freakin cute and smart Kevin is, Love his Mortifying him...4.5 stars 

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