Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nanee's Review of Who's Your Alpha? by Vicky Burkholder - Liquid Silver Books

Author Vicky Burkholder 
Genre Paranormal, Shifters, Other Weres, Contemporary 
Heat Level 1 
Words 16,000 
Content Notes Sweet 
Publication Date 03/31/2014 

Book Description:

Sunny isn’t the shy little shifter she was when she left town. Now back for her high school reunion, her classmates are in for a surprise. There’s a new alpha in town and the claws are out to see who will be top dog! Who’s Your Alpha is the new contemporary romance from author Vicky Burkholder about letting go of the past and finding your future.

Sunny Clark always thought she was the only shape-shifter in the town where she grew up. When she returns to the mountain community for her high school reunion, she is shocked to find that nearly the whole town can turn into one thing or another, including her teen crush, David Maxwell.

David has always known it was Sunny he wanted, but she wasn’t like him and the others. She couldn’t shift. At least, he never thought she could until it was too late. She left town and took his heart with her before he could let her know how he really felt. Now she’s back and he can’t lose her again.

Unfortunately, there are others in town who aren’t so happy to have Sunny back, and another man is determined to have Sunny for his own. But Sunny is no longer the shy little puppy she once was, and the pecking order is about to change. With sides being drawn, the real question becomes: Does Sunny want David enough to change her entire life?

Content Notes: Sweet, Paranormal, Shifters, Weres, Contemporary

Nanee's Review:

I enjoyed this story in parts and some not so much, it was a little too fast paced, the author covered a lot of ground in a short period of time and when I started getting really into the story and liking the characters and wanting more from them it was over.  I just wish it was longer, I would like to know more about Sunny and David, and get better acquainted with the town and BF Rommy. I enjoyed Sunny's transformation from being a nerd (so she said) and not in the "in" crowd to the confident, beautiful women she is now. I wish we knew more about the shifters in this town, about Sunny's family etc. only a little was shared. I did however like the difference and uniqueness of the shifters the author created rather than the "normal" shifter stories we usually read. I thought the idea of the story was great but really felt there was so much left unsaid and not shared. 3.5 stars 

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