Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nanee's Review of Still Dazed by Nikki Palomino

Book Description:

STILL DAZED (Through a Grunge Rocker's Eyes) is an American nightmare with an unanswered question on each page, "Why can't musician Eric Peterson stop using heroin?" Eric's journey through burgeoning grunge rock fame begins within the constraints of small town prejudice. Surrounded by a cast of unlikely characters, he is given a second chance to fight his inner demons. A young man in pain, he's desperate for his mother's approval and struggles through an empire of dope to choose what no one wants him to. His discovery is as valuable as the talents he squanders, even if the price tag's too steep.

Nanee's Review:

I couldn't wait to read this book after reading Dazed which I absolutely loved but felt this one lacked a little something, I wasn't as dragged in with this book as I was in book 1. I thought this book was good though. Eric who I loved to death and feel so many emotions for still makes me want to hug, love and be there for him. As the story progresses we learn more about Eric's drug problems, his mothers issues and love life and how his stardom is affecting everything. Eric's relationship with his mom gets so much worse and Hank and his friends try so hard to help him through it. There are a lot of pivotal parts in this story especially when people Eric is so used to having be there for him find love, find happiness outside of Eric's F'd up life and where that will leave him. I was expecting a different ending, whether the obvious one or one that was a cure all for Eric but that didn't happen so I'm hoping we can find out someday where Eric is and hope he's still around. I loved the secondary characters they make the story that much better, the author writes a emotional story of Eric's ups but mostly downs in his life, I felt part of his life and I hope for a HEA to change the misery in his life, this book like I said was good just not as in your face emotion like book 1, I did enjoy it and would love more Eric 4 stars 

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