Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nanee's Review of Cowboy in My Pocket by Kate Douglas


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If you like your cowboys sexy, your heroines forgetful and your marriages convenient, this gentle parody of cowboy romances will leave you with a smile on your face and a sigh on your lips. Discover romantic comedy at its best in this captivating tale of a woman who finds her one true love and the cowboy hero afraid to give his heart. 

Romance author Michelle Garrison is on a mission to learn more about the American West. Her books are no longer selling and her editor has given her an ultimatum--learn what cowboys are really like, then write the next bestseller. 

Tag Martin is desperate for a bride. If he doesn't marry before his 40th birthday, his grandmother will sign away the deed to the ranch he's worked and managed for his entire adult life. 

Coop Jones has been Tag's sidekick since Tag was barely kicking. Almost 80, he's been pining for the love of Tag's grandmother since she was only 17. An avid romance fan, he's concocted a fantastic plan to stage an MOi-a marriage of convenience for the uninitiated--in order to save the ranch for Tag. 

Lenore Martin at 78 is a widow with a mission. Get that grandson married and his hard-headed cowboy sidekick to realize she's not too old to romance. There's sizzle left in the old gal yet. 

Add a little amnesia, a few white lies, a flop-eared dog, the requisite white stallion and a love too hot to handle, and you've got a rowdy romp on the wild side with COWBOY IN MY POCKET.

Nanee's Review:

Very sweet, romantic and sexy story. I enjoyed this book from start to finish, I thought the author was very creative in writing this story with Lee Stetson and her amnesia but also with Gramma Lenore and Coop Jones. I absolutely loved these characters. Gramma Lenore is a fibbing, story telling old meddler but I loved her so much and Coop well, he's too smitten for his own good and he loves his romance novels (too cute), love these two they hold the family together and both love Tag the way he should be loved. Tag is a hardheaded sexy as heck, bod that won't quit cowboy who doesn't believe in love or marriage, doesn't believe in anything except his ranch. And then of course there's Michelle, at first she was a snotty city girl but then I loved her character, she's a hard working, tough as nails, no whining cowgirl who wants her man. Love them too together, they are sexy as hell together. Love love love Bob too...great story, very romantic, chuckly funny, teary eyed story you'll love from start to finish...I can't say it enough Loved this story 5 stars 

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