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Nanee's Review of Bare Bones by Layla Wolfe


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Book Description:

If you ain’t living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.

The rose-colored illusion of Madison Shellmound’s girlish crush on biker Ford Illuminati is stomped into smithereens by his crude, perverse father Cropper, Bare Bones club President. Fearing Ford will kill Cropper if he finds out, Madison flees town, becoming an upstanding cardiology nurse.

Madison and Ford have an ill-fated, star-crossed love that will last their lifetimes. Ford is a lifer in a different sort of enterprise, the gritty full-throttle club of guns, blood, and allegiance to his brothers.

Twelve years and several tours of SEAL duty later, Ford is thrust back into Madison’s arms on the worst day of his life. Madison’s prospect brother Speed has screwed up big-time and owes the club his life. She offers herself to Cropper as a sacrificial lamb to save Speed.

But how long until the fiery, full-on outlaw Ford discovers that the woman he loves was treated like a degraded slave by his own father? Well, meet the new boss. He’s not the same as the old boss.

Nanee's Review:

After thinking long and hard about this review while trying not to ruin anything or giving anything away, I think the writer wrote a creative story, she obviously loves her characters especially Maddy and Ford. I did feel the author tried somewhat unsuccessfully to over shock the readers felt big fat tool or big meat which were used more than once and fat titties was overused I thought a lot of the descriptions were over done or unnecessary , I felt also when the MC was talking they used a lot of words that the reader wouldn't know what they mean like their own language or words they made up and it was frustrating in parts to read. I did enjoy the love between Maddy and Ford, you just know when characters go through the hell they went through and they still love each other it's meant to be and they both absolutely love each other. I think the author also nailed  the odd and very disturbing  behavior of Cropper perfectly, I hated him. I also thought the others she focused on in the MC were well rounded and thought Maddy's friends were great too. Maddy's growing up was horrible and I felt for her from the beginning. I thought Speed's part could have been more involved, he kind of was a dummy in the beginning then is working and prospecting for the MC, then he is just a little in the background never out there where in parts he should have been parts I felt were important for him to stand up, same with Turk, would have loved to know more about his love interest but not much detail was given. Over all the story was ok, I did like the raw grittiness of it. I was expecting a lot more from the story and characters but thought the idea a good one and would like to read more. 3.5 stars

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