Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blog Tour and Nanee's Review of Strobe by Holly Stephens

Book Description:

Strobe, simply put, is a voyeur’s playground. A place where people can heighten their sexual awareness, play with fire, and combust all under the same roof. It’s a place where people come together and a place that can push people apart. 

Sloane Renard knows sex. 

She knows what the textbooks tell her. She doesn’t know her world is about to be torn upside down by one man. A man who will push her limits and force her to see herself in a new light. 

Lennox Coymns knows sex. 

He knows how to push the boundaries outside of the bedroom. He doesn't know that one woman is about to make him question everything he thought he knew. A woman who will see past the man he is and into the man he could be. 

As Lennox teaches Sloane about the world of voyeurism, she learns more than how to let herself be free with sex; she learns how to be confident and sexy- the kind of woman Lennox desires. 

But can sex and love keep themselves separated, or will these two fall under the dark spell that is the hypnotizing lights of Strobe? 

*Recommended for ages 18+.

Nanee's Review:

Great characters, Lennox is hot as hell, kinky and oh so sexy in bed and out...Sloan is somewhat a nerd, but she's beautiful and just waiting for Mr right. Lennox teaches Sloan to cut loose and experience life and she loves this side of herself. She feels sexy and confident now and Lennox can't resist her pull. Lennox was a free spirited move from women to women around the world until Sloan, he's confused by his desire for her. Love their time together, love Lennox wanting more and feeling so much for her and Sloan him. Very sexy and hot as hell. If your into a little kink or a lot this book is sexy and its for you. 4 stars 

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