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Nanee's Review of Sugar and Sin: The Sexy Seven - by Nana Malone, Dana Delamar, Liz Matis, L.C. Giroux, Kristine Cayne,C.C. MacKenzie and Stacey Joy Netzel

All In (Lovers and Other Strangers # 5)
by L.C. Giroux

Book Description:

All In, ends up back at the Salvation ranch but it starts out in VEGAS, baby! Current Jackson is always in control except when he's not. Gianna Berri is more of a seat of her pants kind of girl, even if they are his pants. This story is a wild ride! But oh what a ride.

Nanee's Review:

Sweet, sexy and hot hot hot that's Current baby! Love cowboy stories especially sexy ones. Gianna is a spitfire hiding behind her persona of bookkeeper or maybe the other way around but one look at Current and she wants to experience life, she wants to know things and live. Love these too together, sex scenes very hot and the story sweet, romantic and sexy. Very fast paced and wirlwind but its perfect for the story. Love the secondary characters too especially Kevin. Can't wait for more by this author. 4 stars 

A Stormy Spring my CC Mackenzie 

Book Description:

She didn’t want a man. She didn’t want love. She wanted to forget.

Though her name is synonymous with success, Becca Wainwright isn’t interested in fame or celebrity. All that matters to her is choreography and how alive she feels when she creates....

Famously single, Lucas Del Garda’s passions are wealth, celebrity and power.

The electrifying attraction between the dancer and PR Guru is instantaneous.

But after a stormy night in the strong arms of Lucas, Becca finds her life has changed, for ever....

Nanee's Review:

Love when a book starts out with a little naughtiness. Becca trying to find her bra and not wake up the man in the bed...I started with book 3 in the Ludlow Hall Series and loved Rosie and of course Alexander and couldn't wait to read another book by this author. Although 3 is my favorite so far this book is great too. I enjoyed the characters, getting to know them and couldn't stop laughing in parts and felt for Luca in other parts, this author has a way of telling a story, I was drawn in. Love Luca he's my favorite in this book, he's sexy and sweet and I just enjoyed his parts. Sex was hot as hell, Becca loves to please her man. They are perfect for each other and enjoyed how they got their HEA. I can't wait to read more my CC Mackenzie. 4 stars 

Going for it by Liz Matis

Book Description:

Jake and Hannah's story from the Kindle Best Seller Playing or Keeps

Pro football player Jake Miller’s game plan for winning back supermodel Hannah Hahn is play action in the bedroom. Once he sees beyond the swimsuits and lingerie, feelings of love blindside him, changing the rules of the game. 

Hannah owns the runway, but that success came with a price and a secret that’s kept her from trusting a man until Jake crashes through her defenses.

The paparazzi love the beauty and the beast couple but the tabloid rumors turn ugly and test the fragile trust between them. Then Hannah loses an ad campaign to fashion’s new ‘it’ girl. Her desperate reaction will cause Jake to challenge everything she’s ever believed about herself.

Nanee's Review:

Love football so a book with a sexy as hell football player is a win win. I enjoyed the book it just wasn't a wow book for me. I enjoyed the characters Jake the football player trying to win back super model Hannah. After their "one night" together Jake wanted more so when they meet again at a wedding he wants to start again, nothing is that easy though. . I thought this book was on the shorter side I did not read  in this Playing for Keeps in this series but felt a little let down with this one, the chemistry was there with the characters but nothing earth shattering. The story was sweet and entertaining but nothing major to write home about. 3 stars 

Grounds for a Change - Welcome to Redemption Series book 4 by Stacey Joy Netzel

Book Description:

Charlie Russell lived with a secret for years, but guilt has pushed him to the breaking point. He meets psychologist Dana McClain and feels an instant connection that has nothing to do with his Great Dane, Sugar, spilling coffee down her shirt. Dana switched to counseling animals because she has a history of becoming too emotionally involved with her clients. She figures she’s safe helping Charlie with Sugar’s issues, until he reveals his secret and asks for help. She tells herself it's all about the dog, not the guy, but history has a way of repeating itself.

Nanee's Review:

This is the first book I have read in this series. I have read Chasin Mason by this author and was looking forward to this one. This read was on the shorter side and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the characters thought they were good. Love when animals are in books, Sugar is awesome. Charlie is dealing with guilt of a bad decision he made and its only getting harder to function. Dana switched from being a psychologist with human's to pets, she's got her own issues to deal with. As these two characters navigate through emotional turmoil they get closer. I liked then together and enjoyed the secondary characters as well. Very good read 4 stars 

Malavita blood and Honor Prequel by Dana Delamar 

Book Description:

A son determined to avenge his family. A daughter desperate for peace. Two fathers intent on destruction...

Enrico Lucchesi never wanted anything to do with the Mafia. But when his brothers were murdered, he accepted that he would someday be the next don. However, he doesn't accept that he must marry the daughter of the man who killed them. Enrico will never trust an Andretti, never mind love one. The Andrettis are up to something with their so-called "truce"—and Enrico must avenge his siblings. But will his dark secret spell the end of his vengeance—and possibly the Lucchesis? 

After Antonella Andretti's father tries to destroy the Lucchesis, she persuades him that an alliance—achieved by her marriage to Enrico, the "golden boy" she's loved from afar—would be in everyone's best interests. As her wedding day approaches, people close to her father start dying, and her fiancé's behavior is suspect. When she learns Enrico's true feelings about her—and what her father's actual plans are—will Antonella damn their families to eternal war, or will she broker a peace that might destroy her heart?

Nanee's Review:

Antonella or "Toni" is trying to make the wrongs done to Enrico's family right and of course she's always loved him from afar and wants to protect him. Enrico "Rico" is my favorite although he had to make some tough decisions before going back to Italy I felt for him, he needed to avenge his siblings and mother and protect his father but along with Toni they are only told half truths. The first meeting I felt bad for Toni with her nose. A lot going on in this story the families hatred to the other, Rico and Toni getting to know each other and realize their are feelings there. I liked the intrigue and mystery of the story, not knowing what was going to happen next. It was a little slow in spots but it built more intrigue as well. Toni's father I wanted to slap no honor there, no soul. A lot of action and some memorable moments. I enjoyed the story . 4 stars 

Mismatch the Love Match Series book two by Nana Malone 

Book Description:

Spunky artist manager, Jessica Stanton, isn’t looking for love. She’s looking for a savior. When a business rival steals yet another of her rising stars, she’s in danger of losing everything she’s worked so hard for…and the only person who can save her fledgling business is the one man she shouldn’t want.

Art authenticator, Eli Marks, doesn’t have time for love. He’s too busy saving his brother from the demons of his drug addicted past. For the past ten years he’s cultivated a façade to keep his distance from everyone else. But when a string of high-profile art forgeries threatens the security of the only family he has left, he must turn for help to a woman who breaks through his carefully constructed façade every time she’s near.

Will Jessica and Eli save each other? Or will secrets and lies stop them from finding true love?

Nanee's Review:

I enjoyed this story, I liked Jessica and Eli together, their attraction to each other cant be denied. Love how they are both sarcastic, clever and feisty. The story takes you on a ride with secrets, art heists, intrigue and mystery and sexy sexy sexy. These characters are sexy together that's for sure. It's a fast read, in some sense maybe too fast with some good character, some wildness and sweetness and sexy but the end not so great but enjoyed the story over all. 3 stars 

Under His Command (Six-Alarm Sexy # 1) by Kristine Cayne

Book Description:

A firefighter desperate to save his failing marriage earns the trust—and the sexual submission—of his controlling wife in the most pleasurable of ways.

After an explosive one-night stand results in pregnancy, Jamie Caldwell is thrilled to marry the perfect foil to his Dom side. But when his submissive wife starts cringing every time he gives a command, Jamie shackles his dark desires. A bout of rough, frenzied reunion sex makes him wonder if now he should free the Dom he’s kept in chains and teach Erica the joys of submission and sexual surrender.

Erica Caldwell secretly loved every sinful thing Jamie did to her on their first night together. However, terrified she’ll become a codependent doormat like her mother, she repeatedly rejects Jamie’s dominance, despite craving the kind of release only he can give her—the release that comes from yielding to Jamie’s every demand. 

Hoping that the trust required by BDSM will help them rebuild their faith in each other, Jamie and Erica embark on a journey of sexual exploration. But is it too late to repair their crumbling marriage?

Nanee's Review: 

I couldn't wait to read this book, I absolutely love Kristine Cayne's writing style and characters she creates. I read Everything Bared Six- Alarm Sexy book 2 first and loved loved loved those characters and knew I'd love a closer look at Jamie (sigh) he's a sexy as hell hero in my book (his brother Will is too) wow what men she creates. Jamie is such a sweet and kind man and when him and Erica have their differences and they separate it breaks his heart for his wife and their beautiful daughter. I love these two together although Erica needs to get the stick out of her butt and learn to relax and enjoy what she wants in the bedroom and boy Jamie is hot as hell in the bedroom...well everywhere but you get it (wink) when they decide to give it another try ..all I can say is there is a fire ready to explode. Sexy as hell they are together and omg they are sexy. Love Chloe she is a doll and loves her mommy and daddy so much. This story surpassed all my wildest dreams, it's amazingly written, hot as hell and love that I had my up close and personal Jamie moment. Will and Jamie are tied now for hotness but Dani is still my girl!! Lol...5 huge stars...I can't wait to read more by Kristine Cayne 

These stories all were hot and sexy and great reads. I enjoyed each one and highly recommend this book bundle. over all bundle 4 to 4.5 stars


  1. Nanee, thank you so much for your wonderful, in depth review of our bundle. So glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Thank you for the fabulous in-depth review, Nanee. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed Under His Command!