Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nanee's Review of Redemption Road (Redemption # 2) by Bonni Sansom

Book Description:

Justin McClain, a ranch foreman at Sundown Farms in Redemption Texas, met a feisty filly, Jaz Tyler at his bosses wedding and is instantly smitten. They embark on a whirlwind romance that leaves them both breathless. With a few problems, Kaden, Jaz’s son being the main one, they have a few things to overcome. 

Jaz falls in love with the cowboy pretty quickly but gets tired of the men in her life bossing her around. Only, can she stand up enough for herself and the love she is certain she and Justin share?

Nanee's Review:

Although I enjoyed the first book in this series a little more; Cord and Ellie had instant love from me. I thought this story was good, Justine from book one was in love with Ellie but once she married Cord he knew he wanted her happy and at their wedding he found Jaz. Jaz and Justine I enjoyed them but there was never a wow with them for me. There was lust and hot as hell sex scenes but no real sexy to it, at least to me. I did like that neither could stop thinking about the other and couldn't keep their hands off each other when they were together but I felt their was something missing. I did like Kaden - Jaz's son, although when he first appears he's like a spoiled brat but he kinda grew on me towards the end. I just felt this book wasn't as smooth as book 1 but I did enjoy it very much. I would love to read the next book in this series and more by Bonni I love her characters. 3.5 to 4 stars 

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