Thursday, March 13, 2014

Nanee's Review of The Bull Rider and the Bare Boycotter (The Skirts and Spurs Trilogy , #1)


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Book Description:

Animal right activist Rachel Fox is a woman with a mission. The plan is to step into bull rider Logan Cooper’s ring wearing nothing but a poster calling the rodeo a ‘blood sport’. While rescuing this passionate protester from a nineteen hundred pound charging bull Logan decides he likes what he sees. Only problem, he’s got to direct Rachel’s love away from the livestock and onto him. With the press hot on their heels, because who isn’t interested in a story about a bull rider and a naked protester, Logan brings the dark haired, curvy figured Brooklynite to his Montana ranch.

Except, now that he’s got Rachel in his bed he’s nervous his annoying, problematic brothers and surly preteen nephew will scare her off. But when Rachel meets Logan’s deeply flawed family she realizes the bulls aren’t the only ones who need saving, the Cooper brothers need her help too. The only problem is Rachel has a secret, after believing she was infertile, it turns out that this sexy bull rider may have changed her childless fate forever.

Nanee's Review:

At first I wanted to slap Rachel because she was following whatever her nut case friend Erin was telling her but I always liked her compassion for the animals and Logan. She has her own hangups but shes full of life and just wants a family to love. I loved sexy as hell Logan, he's cocky, flirty, has a sexy smile and he loves his family (Most of the time). He's a badass bull rider who not only loves what he does he needs to ride those bulls and win, his families depends on it. I absolutely love his family and all their dysfunction. I love Shane, I wanted to hug him and make it all better ( he's smart to) and Caleb although I wanted to slap he's actually way way down deep a good and Love Kevin, he's trying to be good and loves his family. I also wanted to slap their mother and sister. I loved the story, I couldn't put it down once I started reading it, I felt the reason for Logan being home was a little too boring at the end but then Caleb wouldn't have his story next. I cant wait to read his story. 4.5 stars...

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