Monday, March 17, 2014

Blog Tour and Nanee's Review of The Virgin Detective by Kat Cazanav

Title: The Virgin Detective

Author: Kat Cavanav

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Release Date: March 18, 2014

Cover Art: phatpuppyart
  1. Where there are roses there’s dead bodies and no one knows this better than Poppy Rae Mamadou.
Out of college and in debt, she has no choice but to take a job at her family’s P.I. firm in Seattle. When her stiff sniffing ability leads her to a notorious homicide with kinky overtones, her life quickly spins out of control. The police label her a suspect, the media can’t get enough of her, a killer wants her dead and the good looking young detective wants a piece of her. If only she wasn’t such a Virgin Detective.

As the bodies pile up, it’s up to Poppy Rae to prove her innocence but who will believe her? Telling the truth never sounded so unbelievable.

Nanee's Review:

I absolutely loved this book...the blurb sounds good but the story is so much more than that. Loved Poppy Rae she's hilarious with her snarky comments, sexual thoughts, her wise ass comments and little bit crazy. I just loved her. Luc is one hot as hell, sexy, know you get it's a little too serious with his I'm in charge attitude or thinks he is in charge but he i totally hot (lol) but when Poppy and Luc cross paths that is where the fun starts, things get crazier and lust clouds thinking, Luc just doesn't know how to deal with her, kiss her or dump her body Love Adele too, holy moly her part is hilarious, and the way everyone reacts to her is just too funny. Parts of this story were Laugh out loud funny, roll your eyes cute and omg that did not just happen WTF. It's funny, intriguing, action packed and sexy in parts. You will love it.  The ending I wanted to shout WHAT the hell but I am sure there will be a book 2 (there better be!!) the secondary characters are all great Johnny with his youthful enthusiasm and Sin with his I'm a sexy bodyguard don't mess with me attitude, and so many more. The story has such creativity and well thought out commentary the author wrote a amazing light hearted story.  5 huge stars 


About the AuthorKat Cazanav graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a degree in film. She went on to work in television before moving to Seattle where she now lives with her husband and two crazy dogs.
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