Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nanee's Review of Klub Kids by Johnny Williams

Book Description:

In one fall/winter season in the clubs of NYC, a lost soul parties with friends while looking for gay love. "Do you think that punk's dick hair is blue too?" Packed with humor, candor and sex, Klub Kids takes readers on a ride as they join Johnny Williams and his friends on their clubbing quests to find love and the music to dance and dance and dance their butts off in this fictionalized fun read.

Nanee's review:

Johnny is a wise assed doesn't think he's cute gay guy who is looking for the "one"  Or atleast someone. Johnny and his friends are a riot, their cynical, super gay at times ,loving life and have each others back (love that). Johnny's friends are always getting the sexy guys or the rich guys and he feels down about it not realizing what's right in front of him.  I like how Johnny wrote this about his life,  I felt part of it. All the guys are awesome but Johnny and Danny were my favorite, they are just such BF's and are the closest and then of course there's Jason and his skipping and dress sense and sense of humor.. Too cute. These guys are crazy and wild and always looking for fun and love. I felt for Johnny when Ethan hurt him but the guy "knew" he was beautiful and who would want a guy like that. Well my hubs is beautiful so I get thought this story cool and quirky and fun and sexy and laugh out loud fun (love the clomping too Johnny).  4.5 stars. 

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