Friday, February 21, 2014

Nanee's Review of Clay's Quest by Christi Williams


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Book Description:

She’ll do anything to get her way.
Tall, elegant and beautiful, Emma Thorpe has wanted a baby for years. The yearning for a child occupies all her thought, her time, her effort, and any money she and her husband can scrape up for medical intervention. After trying and failing to conceive, the solution that finally comes to her is to leave her husband and hope to find a man—any man—capable of fulfilling her deepest desire.
Big, handsome Clay Thorpe isn’t the kind of man to let his wife just wander away. It takes a few months of Emma’s absence from his bed to devise a plan, but he’s determined. Eventually, Clay lures Emma home with a convoluted strategy only he could concoct, involving an antique diamond ring, sex three times a day, and...a turkey baster? 

Caution: This is a work of fiction. Please don’t attempt duplicating Clay’s methods!

Nanee's Review:

I enjoyed the story but I wasn't wow'd with it. I thought the characters had great potential but didn't quit pull me in, there wasn't a lot of getting to know them it was just a story, which was just good, I wanted to get into their heads more. I loved Clay and the lengths he will go to get Emma back, I felt his love for her but felt it could have been so much more. I liked the secondary characters too.  It was a quick read and has a HEA which I always love and was happy for the characters.  It was sweet, romantic and loving all in one. This is the first book I read by Christi Williams and would love to read more by her. 3.5 stars

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