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Nanee's Review of Alpha's Claim anthology and Alpha's Claim anthology Man Love edition - Evernight Publishing

Alpha's Claim
Avril Ashton, Melissa Hosack, Persephone Jones, Morgan King, Elizabeth M Valey, Joja Lovett, Jessica Jayne, London Saint James, Giselle Renarde and Lee Ann Sontheimer


Book Description:
Strength. Power. Domination. 

The shifters in our Alpha’s Claim anthology have one thing in common – they won’t take “no” for an answer. Whether they lead packs of their own, or whether they walk a solitary path, these alphas won’t let anyone stop them from claiming their women.

Lose yourself in these ten sinfully delicious love stories. After all, who could deny an Alpha’s claim?

Nanee's review : 
Without sharing too much from each story, I wanted to just share a little. Overall I enjoyed the stories some more than others but thought a very interesting book of short stories with Alphas and women who they want. 4 stars over all 

One Bite by Avril Ashton- 

Brie Huntley is put in a terrible position when her Father makes deals and steals from Alpha Moyer. Only her cousin Rory steps in and Brie's life changes in a blink of a eye. Super sexy Darien doesn't know what hit him when he meets Brie. Hot as hell sex and sweet romance, wonder what happens with Rory ;). 4 stars 

Taming Duke by Melissa Hosack - 

Very cute story with Arika and Duke, love how they met and how shes gonna take care of him until hes better the. When its time for him to go..too cute and Very sexy. 4 stars 

Crazy for You by Persephone Jones 

- Bo's characters is tough as hell, she's a fighter and I feel for her and what she went through. Seth is there for her and he will stop at nothing to protect Bo. I only wish we knew more at the end, what happens later to them. Love these too together I felt for Seth too. Very sweet and sexy 4 stars 

Love's Rescue by Morgan King -

Very intriguing story, Mermaids and vamps and Jakob's mystery. Jakob rescued Nerissa and their sex was hot as hell. 3 stars 

Dance For Me, Princess by Elyzabeth M Valey -

Markus watches Sophia dance and he wants the frost princess like no other. She lets her Leopard hide inside her until Markus coaxes her out. Sexy. 3 stars 

Extinction by Jorja Lovett -

Love Holly Turner's attitude, she bows to nobody and she says what she feels. Even though Lucas shows Her  his non caring side at first , he's sexy and well so much more and Holly is drawn to him and him her. Secrets are revealed, sex is to be had and lots of revelations. 4.5 

Panther Ridge by Jessica Jayne

Short sweet and sexy, sometimes when I read a book I wish it was longer to get deeper into the characters lives, I thought these characters great and wanted more. Nate is one sexy man and a firefighter to boot, yummy! Very quick but sexy as hell read. Thought it was great. 4 stars

Tatum's Tiger by London St James- 

This story was sexy as hell, instead of your typical were shifter it was a beautiful white tiger and human Jericho is  freakin hot. I enjoyed Tatum's character to, she knew from the beginning she wanted Jericho but knew he was holding something back, she was hooked on him a d him her. Very sexy. 4 stars 

But Fear Itself by Giselle Renarde 

I'm sick of reading cheating stories but I finished it anyways, it's short and a little different it's with a snake shifter, I wasn't 100%in love with the characters either. The whole penis thing and the bad quotes. Just kind of strange. 2.5 stars 

Cait's Buffalo by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Walking Buffalo is one walking sex on a stick, holy hell is is hot as hell. Cait and Walking Buffalo have a midnight interlude and Cait finds out about the animal inside the man. Very fast passed almost too fast paced. 3.5

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Alpha's Claim Man Love Edition

Authors:  Tyler Robbins, Avril Ashton, Pelaam, Nikka Michaels, JC Holly, Lucy Felthouse, Karly Germain, Eileen Grifin, Tamsin Baker and Giselle Renarde

Book Description:

I want to share again just a brief thought on each book. I don't want to ruin the story because they are very short. These short stories pack a lot of sexy.  

The Becoming by Tyler Robbins 

Love Josh and Braden, although scared they knew in their hearts they couldn't deny what the spirits and their hearts were telling them, love these two. Romantic that they stood their ground and knew they didn't want to loose the other like what happened when others denied their true natures in the past. 4 stars 

Bite Harder by Avril Ashton 

I enjoyed this story, I read the other edition with Brie and Darien and liked that one too and this one was just as hot. Rory and Kellan are a sexy as hell couple. Great story 4 stars 

Bad Moon Rising by Pelaam

Marcus the sexy bear shifter protects a lynx that he doesn't realize until that moment is his mate, very sexy coming together. I love Kody he was emotional and physically beat down by his family and taken captive but now he has Marcus his mate. There's a cliffhanger here. 

Waking Up Wolf by Nikka Michaels 

Although these stories are all shorts this one was a little too rushed Grady watched Adam for afar now he's had enough of waiting he needs Adam in his life and Adam needs him. This story was ok.

Laid Claim by JC Holly

Michael and Craig in this one started as a possible one night stand and turned into so much more, love their coming together and then on to the getting to know each other stage. Very sweet. 

Out in the Cold by Lucy Felthouse

Paul was injured by a werewolf attack even though he can shift the pack almost killed him in his human form. Kane found him put him under his protection. I just felt a litte bored during this story, it was like this happened then this, to step by step until the bite then things got a little more interesting. 3 stars

 His Great Dane by Karly Germain 

This story was cute, never read a shifter dog story before so nice change. I liked these characters both Dane and Hudson are different and they need each other but when tempers flare and passions ignite they fall under each others spells. Danger, intrigue and mates. I enjoyed this one. 4 stars 

Claiming Ayden by Eileen Griffin 

Thane is one sexy alpha and he knows who e wants and that's Ayden but he has to be patient. I loved their coming together but before that the knowledge they both knew they wanted each other. The looks, the trembles, the longing. Great story very sexy. 4 stars 

One Mate by Tamsin Baker

Lucas alpha is at his claiming ceremony, he isn't gay but fate had other plans. Love Jasoer and Lucas together, very sweet story. 3.5 stars 

Be the Boss by Giselle Renarde

Markus and Desmond's story very strange and a little confusing, a lot going on. They are trying to work on their relationship and someone needs to be the boss. That's when a raccoon comes in..I couldn't fully get into this one. 3 stars

All these books were sexy in their own way. I enjoy reading m/m stories. 4 stars

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