Friday, January 31, 2014

Nanee's Review of Tie Down My Heart by Linda Carroll- Bradd - Decadent Publishing


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Book Description:

Didi Pierpont needs an in-depth interview with a rodeo participant at the regional championships being held in northern Texas. Problem is, most of the entrants remember her from her beauty pageant days and don’t take her seriously. Right before a calf-roping event, she gets agreement for an interview from a striking Native American cowboy. But the calf is uncooperative and Chay Red Fox is wheeled out on a stretcher. Her persistence keeps them together as she watches him for symptoms of a concussion. Chay’s cocky attitude is his defense against the allure of this nosy, but so cute, reporter. He doesn’t think his soul can take another hit from a white woman. But the more Didi learns about this intriguing man, the more her heart melts. Can she keep her journalistic distance, or will she succumb to the man who has her tied in knots?

Nanee's Review:

Very sexy read. I loved Chay, he's a sexy as hell Native American Rodeo star, he's sweet and gentlemanly and did I say sexy? Didi wants to be taken seriously in her journalistic career and when she crosses the line and adds personal information into Chay's story she thoroughly regrets it. Their one night together is hot as hell and they both want more, well they won't admit it but they do. I wish it was longer, I wanted to know what's next for these two, I wanted to see if their relationship would work and I wanted to meet Chay's family.  Although very short I enjoyed the story, I love the rodeo and sexy stars

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