Friday, January 10, 2014

Nanee's Review of There's Gotta be Something more by Maggie Grey - Black Lyon Publishing

Book Description:

The words kept running through her head: There's gotta be something more. With Zach Baker, there just might be. Divorce. Dead-end career. Disaster. Then fate steps in and changes Jesse's life in an instant. With her dreams now close enough to touch, she moves to the mountain splendor of Montana with her young daughter. Far from city life, her plans to start her own riding school start to take shape-with the help of a certain cowboy down the road. A girl with money and a passing interest in horses sure isn't enough to turn Zach Baker's head. With the ice wall around his heart firmly in place, he isn't about to let Jesse chip away at it. It'll take more than just the heat of attraction to melt that ice, and attraction is all he feels for Jesse, isn't it? But then, he has been wrong before. Reviews and Other Information: "The author did a wonderful job of creating a believable and real couple complete with flaws and emotions. I became emotionally invested in the story, and couldn't help but root for Jesse and Zach throughout the ups and downs of their relationship. THERE'S GOTTA BE SOMETHING MORE is a highly satisfying story... "-Long & Short Reviews

Nanee's Review:

Very sweet and heartwarming. I thought the characters were great of course except for Paul what a jerk, I wanted to slap his selfish butt. But I loved Zach the most, so damn sexy and he's a cowboy!! but he's also sweet and caring and hot as hell and wants what Jesse has to give. Love these two together. Jesse is full of life and looking for a soul mate, well not looking but it's kinda hard when she runs into hers. They are perfect for each other, they both have been hurt in the past but have so many things in common like the outdoors and love of animals. Love Montana, boy is that beautiful country. Love Bill Zach's grandfather and the twins and Jen and Emma of course.Emma is so sweet. It's a feel good sweet story with some sexy as heck sex scenes. Love Candy

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