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Nanee's Review of Somebody's Angel by Kallypso Masters

Book Description :

When Marc d’Alessio first rescued the curvaceous and spirited Italian Angelina Giardano at the Masters at Arms Club, he never expected her to turn his safe, controlled life upside down and pull at his long-broken heartstrings. Months later, the intense fire of their attraction still rages, but something holds him back from committing to her completely. Worse, secrets and memories from his past join forces to further complicate his relationships with family, friends, and his beautiful angel.

Angelina cannot give all of herself to someone who hides himself from her. She loves Marc, the BDSM world he brought her into, and the way their bodies respond to one another, but she needs more. Though she destroyed the wolf mask he once wore, only he can remove the mask he dons daily to hide his emotions. In a desperate attempt to break through his defences and reclaim her connection to the man she loves, she attempts a full frontal assault that sends him into a fast retreat, leaving her nobody’s angel once again.

Marc finds that running to the mountains no longer gives him solace but instead leaves him empty and alone. Angelina is the one woman worth the risk of opening his heart. Will he risk everything to become the man she deserves and the man he wants to be?

Nanee's Review:

Marc and Angelina's story was one filled with emotional breakdown, love, secrets, lies, trust and new beginnings. I just couldn't wait for this story to come out and was surprised at how much ground it covered in a lot of the characters lives. My favorite couple is Adam and Karla and they are the head of the family, pushing, hugging and loving their family as always and being their for their worse nightmares and happiest moments (love them). Damien and Savannah and Mari have such love in their lives now, it made me smile and feel such happiness for them. I love how Kally brought us a little deeper in with Luke and Cassie, covering a little what happened while Cassie nursed him (can't wait for their story) I love Luke and his rescue animals he's amazing. Now to Angelina and Marc with out saying too much I thought the scenes with Marc, Adam, Damien, Grant and Angelina were amazing and very emotional and sad but needed, Marc needed a kick to move forward and he got it. I thought the middle with Marc and Angelina talking at themselves in their heads was a little much at times but over all the road these two characters had to endure was frantic and chaotic but amazing and truly awe inspiring the love they have for each other. Kally sure knows how to write emotional stories that's for sure. I thought their rebuilding was terrifically written as well and we learned a lot about Marc's life and his brother Gino (which was great). Love the close attention to Marco's family too. Cannot wait for Luke and Cassie's story. 4 stars

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  1. Thanks so much, Nanee! Glad you enjoyed the book and that seeing what's going on with the previous main characters and upcoming characters was something you enjoyed. I'm writing a family saga, so there's no way I can pull out two main characters and leave everyone else to cameos and brief mentions!

    My characters ALWAYS spend too much time in their heads, tho. I think I've seen that in reviews since at least Nobody's Angel (#2). But they are what they are--and they DO spend way too much time in their heads rather than communicating. Hopefully as they move forward, they'll work on that, too! :) Especially Adam and Karla! That man hasn't a clue how to communicate with her!

    So stay tuned for many more books in the series! Working on Luke and Cassie's now.

    Thanks for the review!