Monday, January 27, 2014

Nanee's Review of The Martin Twins by Edward Kendrick - Silver Publishing



Book Description:

Derek Martin becomes a suspect in the murder of his ex-lover. Chance Martin, Derek's twin and a disgraced TV reporter, is certain Derek isn't the killer. Then a second man is murdered, pointing to the existence of a serial killer.

Detective Nico Villa, is bent on capturing the 'Slasher'. He is none too happy when Derek involves himself in the case, above and beyond some initial assistance on Derek's part.

Meanwhile, Chance's ex, and the reason for his disgrace, newspaper reporter Tyler Burke, becomes caught up in what is happening when he tries to assist the detective and make amends for what he did to Chance.

Can these four men stop the 'Slasher' before he stops them? And in the process, will the attraction, both new and renewed, that Derek and Chance feel respectively for the detective and the reporter, survive what is to come?

Nanee's Review:

I absolutely love Edward Kendrick's writing, his stories once I start reading I can't put down. I love how he incorporates mystery, intrigue and some hot as hell romance. I loved these characters (yeh and he has a way of creating amazing lovable characters) Derek is wacky I love him, he's funny, sweet, protective of his twin and sexy. Nico yummy! He's a detective, he's hot and he's strong and protective and smitten with his "wacky". Chance and Tyler rounded  this story out perfectly and added some humor and romance too. Interesting and mysterious I love how I got drawn in and couldn't wait to find out who don it. Another great, sexy, sweet, romantic, and wacky read. 5 stars can't wait to read more by this author.

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