Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nanee's Review of Jane Austen Girl by Inglath Cooper


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Book description:

The very last thing on Grier McAllister's Someday List is going back to Timbell Creek, Virginia, the town where she grew up. Timbell Creek holds too many bad memories for her, memories finally put to rest with a successfull image consultant business in New York City and a hefty therapy bill. When an opportunity to choose a "Jane Austen Girl" for a visiting prince falls in her lap. The only catch that she mist be from Grier's hometown. Grier tells herself she'll do what she needs to do and then leave it all behind for good.

But Grier doesn't count on find that her mother is no longer the person she used to be. She certainly doesn't plan on falling for an old boyfriend's really hot brother! And it isn't long before she begins to realize Timbell Creek is not only a part of who she was, but might be a part of who she is as well.

Nanee's Review:

I loved Inglath Coopers first book I read Must Love Dogs and this is a close second.  Love these characters. I learned a lot about Grier, her worries and regrets but especially her loneliness and I absolutely love getting to know her character. Bobby Jake well  he's sexy, he's a super hero (really!) and he's the best dad in the world and brother and kisser  (just ask Grier..wink) but my favorite ok equal favorite is Andy. I absolutely loved her characters, she's tough, sweet, beautiful (even though she doesn't know it) smart, so caring and loves her Daddy! She's such a wonderful kid. And Kyle of course love him too. Great story all around, love the tid bits of insight or quotes after each chapter...cute...loved the town that the story was set (love a small town) it's a feel good read, with such happiness and love, the only subject not retouched on was Grier and Andy's talk in the bathroom that wasn't mentioned again but Love a happy story, Love the dogs of course and Hatch. 4.5 stars

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