Friday, December 27, 2013

Nanee's Review of Shadows in the Mist by Kristine Cayne, Shannon O'brien, KL Mullens, Dawn Kravagna, Marianne Stillings and Sherri Shaw



Book Description:

From the misty waters of Puget Sound across the wrinkles of time to the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius, mystery and magic intertwine to create haunting tales of everlasting passion. This anthology of six novellas is a collaboration of the Seattle-based Rainy Day Writers group.

Murder at the Mausoleum by Marianne Stillings—Out of work and desperate for a job, Stephanie Gabriel reluctantly accepts a position as Housekeeper/Girl Friday for Dr. John Mercilus at his isolated Northern California mansion. Sure, he’s wealthy, hunky, and single, but the fact he’s a Vampire has Stephanie more than a little worried. Though Mercilus promises she’ll come to no harm, there is nonetheless danger afoot. When a major snowstorm maroons them along with an odd assortment of house guests, it’s more than inconvenient – it’s murder, and the clues all point to Stephanie’s boss as the culprit. Now she has to decide whether to trust the enigmatic "Creature of the Night" she’s falling for, or find a means of escape before she becomes the next victim. (17,000 words)

Spellbound in Seattle by Shannon O’Brien—When Rose McCarty’s boyfriend was killed, she swore off witchcraft and love. But when his tall, dark older brother washes up on her houseboat’s deck three years later—muttering about doppelgangers and incubi—Rose’s lonely, spell-free world comes crashing down. (17,600 words)

Dead Moon by KL Mullens—During a Dead Moon Elspeth Saint has a strange encounter she can’t explain and a door previously closed becomes open; a gift is given; a promise is kept; and Elspeth who has never known what it is to be loved; learns what it is to be cherished. (11,000 words)

Evil Bites by Dawn Kravagna—Kim seeks revenge on the serial killer who viciously attacked and maimed her lovely sister. But she soon discovers that evil can bite back. (16,500 words)

The Eye of Lilith by Sherri Shaw—Marc Blakely has been bewitched by a rare artifact rumored to drive a man insane before compelling him to commit suicide. As a member of the Speaker of the Word coven, Cindi Jones uses her magic to destroy enchanted relics and protect the innocents they infect. Can she save Marc in time, or will he succumb to the Eye of Lilith? (19,400 words)

Origins: The Men of MER by Kristine Cayne—Petty Officer Wyatt Black had no idea what he signed up for by joining the Navy’s experimental MER program. When a domestic terrorist attack almost kills Dr. Claire Montgomery, the woman of Wyatt’s dreams, he is exposed to a lethal illness that poses a horrifying threat to mankind—but only because of what the Navy has done to him. In the midst of saving Claire’s life, Wyatt is forced to face the terrifying truth of what he has become: something not quite human. (28,500 words)

Nanee's Review:

Murder at the  Mausoleum by Marianne Stillings  - this book was quit entertaining, a who don it with a great cast of characters and love! ....vampires, movie stars, doctors and more. Love Stephanie especially, just want her to have happiness and John a sexy as hell vampire but a good one...a lot of suspicious behaviors and interesting developments. Great story 

Spellbound In Seattle by Shannon O'Brien- Rose a virgin witch that keeps to herself and refuses love and witchcraft is pleasantly surprised when her dead boyfriend's brother comes calling and traveling with a mystery of doppelgangers and incubi. This guy is hot as hell too and "big" so they say. Great characters and twists, seems like there will be a book 2 can't wait. 

Dead Moon by KL Mullens - Kim has had bad things happen to her, now her sister and she's not taking it anymore, very intriguing and mysterious that's for sure. Vampires and so much more, Love Alex what a sweetie and so protective of her and a cop. Yummy 

The Eye of Lilith by Sherri Shaw - Marc is possessed by a artifact and its compelling him to commit suicide, very mysterious and wow, Cindi uses her magic to destroy these artifacts but she may be too late to save Marc. While she's working her magic Marc's curiosity peeks and he's asking questions and trying to understand what's happening around him but there's no time. Cindi thinks Marc's TSTL for not staying put  instead of following her. In comes Zan great character, enjoyed this story, very entertaining.

The Men of MER by Kristine Cayne- I always Love reading Kristine Cayne's stories she's a outstanding writer. Loved this story. Wyatt a sexy as hell MERman with the Navy is in lust and love with Claire a Marine Biologist who's a little older than him, he doesn't think she feels the same but.... I love these two together, a very sexy couple. This story has a lot of mystery, intrigue and some paranormal twists going on and I loved every minute of it. This is a complete 180 on a paranormal story ( which is perfect). great characters and great story. Would love to read more on Wyatt and Claire. 5 stars

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  1. Nanee, thank you so much for taking the time to review Shadows in the Mist. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed all the stories and that you loved the twists in Origins. :)

  2. Thanks for the great reviews, Nanee! Spellbound in Seattle continues in the near future :)

  3. Thank you for the great review, Nanee. I'm glad you enjoyed Shadows in the Mist and the Eye of Lilith. It was a blast to write.

  4. Thanks for the great review of Evil Bites (listed as Dead Moon). I really appreciate your interest. Glad you liked Alex. I worked really hard on trying to get his character right.