Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nanee's Review of My Alpha Wolf volume 1 (werewolf shapeshifter Gay Breeding erotic romance) by Nathan J. Morissey

 Book Description:
After moving to Montreal, lonely 25 year-old Julien has trouble meeting men…until Hunter shows up. 

Dark, brooding, strong, masculine, tall, ripped - Hunter embodies all the sexy traits Julien likes in his men. He even claims Julien as his mate. 

But the hunky alpha wolf is in the middle of a dangerous pack leadership war. And as for the ancient demon chasing him, that’s only the first of his problems. 

Can Julien find happiness with an exciting yet dangerous shapeshifter after being rejected by human men all these years? Or is he forced to go through life lonely and isolated once again? 

Please note: This is not your typical gay werewolf shapeshifter story. The author has bent all rules of conventional gay werewolf shapeshifter stories in order to be more inventive, imaginative and creative. He hopes you will enjoy the end result. 

Please note that this story contains explicit homoerotic and homosexual content and is not appropriate for readers under 18. Mature readers only. Reader discretion is advised. 

Word Count: 10,000 words

Nanee's Review:

I thought this story had the makings of a real sexy gay romance and I have read Nathan Morissey before and knew it wouldn't disappoint. I just felt it lacked his usual sexyness. The author did bend the rules, its not your typical gay werewolf shape shifter story, it was very creative how the two characters met and thought the story was very imaginative where the story took you. I just felt it was missing something. The two main characters had great potential, maybe if the story was a little longer it would have had the wow factor. I look forward of reading more by this author though.

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