Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nanee's Review Hot Zone by Anne Marsh - Kensington Publishing

Book Description:


To Dade Johnson, fire is a danger he can handle. But the blaze he feels from the moment he lays eyes—and hands, and mouth—on Sarah Jo is too hot to handle. Something about the free-spirited camp cook has him throwing caution to the wind. Little does the hotshots’ second-in-command know he’s cozying up with a suspected arsonist...


Sarah Jo knows she should steer clear of Dade. A bona fide hero who battles wildland fires every day deserves better than a woman on the run. But their five-alarm attraction has Sarah Jo too weak in the knees to resist playing with fire—until her past catches up with her. Soon, she’ll have to choose between surrendering her secrets—or taking them both down in flames...

Nanee's Review:

Sexy as hell Dade Johnson, he's a hero (hotshot second in command), rock solid muscles, ruggedly handsome and sweet and protective..Sarah Jo is a free spirited camp cook (who can't, sweet, not trusting and self reliant women. I loved these two together, I thought the writer captured their chemistry perfectly. Once Sarah Jo had a taste of Dade she needed and wanted more. Very hot sex scenes (scorching). Action packed and sexy as hell. Dade would do anything to protect whats his and that's Sarah Jo. I thought the secondary characters were great a lot of great guys and the other cooks very funny. I would love to read more by this author. This is the first I read in this series cant wait for more. 4 stars 

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