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Mr. Right Now Review and Author Spotlight with Kristine Knight - Lyrical Press

Guest Post – My Favorite Book by Kristina Knight

I'm asked a lot about my favorite book, it's a question that I love and fear at the same time. Love, because there are a few books that have stayed with me my entire life. Fear, because if the other books learn there is a tier system they might revolt. And there are way more of them than there are of me. So, I won't name one specific book. I'll name three and hope that keeps the legions of books on my shelf off my case!

My first choice is going to be an early reader book. Because, really, if you're not turned on to reading at an early age it's hard to develop a love of books. Luckily I found Beverly Cleary early and Ramona would not let me stop reading. Ramona Quimby, Age 8 was my first, best book love. Beverly Cleary caught exactly my love of being 8 (although I read it when I was 7 and felt oh-so-grown-up) – I wanted to be the fearless girl that Ramona was instead of the quiet girl who was a little bit afraid of the big, noisy bus that squeaked its way through our neighborhood every morning.

Then, I hit middle school and I found Judy Blume. I'd had a good time with Fudge and his crowd, but I never really 'got' Judy Blume until I read Deenie. Oh, the angst that filled that book. I was perfectly ordinary, slightly chubby girl. I didn't wear a brace and no one thought I should be a model…but I so got Deenie. I loved reading that book, watching Deenie coming to terms with scoliosis. And it helped me get a better grip on who I wanted to be.

And then, one summer when I was interminably bored with small town life, I went digging through my grandmothers bookshelf looking for something to do. I stumbled on a stash of romances and one by Emilie Loring stood out. It was old, the pages yellowed and a few so dog-eared that the dog-ears had fallen off and the spine was broken. I took this to mean it was a really, really good book. So I took it home and stayed up all night reading it. I was hooked. It was called In Times Like These and I dream of someday finding a copy again… That was one of the first grown-up romances I'd read and I was absolutely hooked!

                                                                   Mr. Right Now


The wrong guy might be just right for her. When her celebrity boyfriend of three years dumps her and claims he's now gay, unlucky-in-love author Casey Cash decides to get out of New York. A cruise seems like the perfect escape: everyone onboard will be locked away from television, newspapers and internet gossip pages, allowing her some much needed relaxation. There's only one problem: her oh-so-helpful agent has hired a male escort for her...and a big NYC paper has sent a pesky reporter on-board, vowing to get the dirt. Mason Drury doesn't want to write an expose on Casey, but he's in a bind. After a source flipped on him, he's persona non grata at his newspaper. Celebrity trash or not, this story will put him back on top. Too bad he finds himself breaking the first rule of reporting by getting attached to his subject and letting bias influence his story. Casey's much more interested in sexy Mason than the annoying escort who's bunking in her room. Mason might even have romantic potential if she can shake her well-meaning-but nosey-fans. Oh, and that reporter. She's got to avoid him at all costs...

CONTENT WARNING: A smattering of sass, sex and a heaping happily ever after. A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance



Casey needed things to slow down. And she desperately wanted whatever was happening to speed up. She didn’t know who Mason was. Didn’t know if he was the reporter or just some random guy. Her head said he was the reporter. Why else would he have hit on her so hard from the time she came on board? It had to be part of his plan.
But then, why would a reporter waste time talking to a random woman about her life? Setting her up with another harmless guy who would bolster her self-confidence and help her bounce back from rejection. That was something a nice guy would do. Casey wanted badly for Mason to be a nice guy. Just for a little bit.
Then she’d go back to the craziness of Tyler and figuring out who the reporter was. How to avoid him and save what was left of her reputation.
Surely her future could spare her a few more minutes with Mason Drury.
“What’s your plan?” he asked, his eyes intent on hers.
What was her plan? She knew she had one. It was a good one, too. What was it again?
He pressed his lips to hers, and she didn’t care about plans or who was following whom.
One little kiss.
What could it hurt?


“Face it, you're a nice guy, Mason Drury.” Casey looked up through her lashes, a flirting light to her eyes. She reached out her hand, grasping Mason’s forearm, then squeezing lightly. Mason’s jeans tightened with the simple contact. “Tilly looks like she could hold her own, and you know with five kids she has to at least like sex. You could have your own private geisha girl. Even if she is blond.”
And then Mason knew. He wanted to know Casey Cash. Not get the dirt on Cassandra Cash, Miss Romance. He wanted to know what her favorite food was, her favorite place in New York. To feel her lips on his again. To know whether she liked breakfast or brunch.
“I’ve always been partial to brunettes,” he said, straightening from the railing. He reached a hand around Casey’s wrist, pulled her body hard against his. “Brunettes with blue eyes that sparkle in starlight.” His chest brushed against hers and he felt her stomach muscles tighten through the thin cotton of her shirt.
Okay, the line was corny, and the stars weren’t out yet, but with the darkening sky lit only by a few tiki lights, he could easily imagine it.
Casey expelled a short breath, the smile never leaving her face. “Blue eyes and brown hair, huh?” Her tongue sneaked out of her mouth and slid across her full lips. “I guess it’s a good thing Tilly and Wally found one another. You just keep surprising me.”
“That’s the plan,” he said, pulling her more fully into his arms.
She fitted her arms around his neck and a hint of jasmine wafted in the air. Her perfume? Shampoo? He didn’t know, but he sure as hell wanted to find out.
Oh, but it wasn’t the plan. This was so wrong. He should pull back. Go with the original plan. Have a drink, get the interview over with and get on with getting to know Casey.

Nanee's Review:

Great story..the author grabbed my attention right off the bat. I thought this book was sexy and sweet. Mason (yummy) doesn't want the scoop on Casey but he needs his job - wanting Casey for other things he's got no problem with. He wants her bad. Love Casey, she just wants to move on from her ex (gay or not ) and get back to what she does best...write but she's being hounded by a reporter, escorted by a annoying paid guy and hot and bothered over Mason. Love their pure lust for each other, the author wrote these two characters perfectly, so hot for each other. Love all the goings on, great characters and great story. Love a sweet and sassy romance with sexy as hell characters. 4.5 stars

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Once upon a time, Kristina Knight spent her days running from car crash to fire to meetings with local police—no, she wasn't a troublemaker, she was a journalist. When the opportunity to focus a bit of energy on the stories in her head, she jumped at it. And she’s never looked back. Now she writes magazine articles by day and romance novels with spice by night. She lives on Lake Erie with her husband and daughter. Happily ever after.

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