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Blog Tour and Nanee's Review of Inch by Inch by Heidi Belleau and Amelia C Gormely - Riptide Publishing



Hi, and welcome to the Inch by Inch blog tour! Inch by Inch is the third in Riptide’s BDSM erotica series The Professor’s Rule, written by Heidi Belleau and Amelia C. Gormley. Today, Nanee has asked us to share some facts about Carson, the enigmatic and dominant Professor. All week we’ll be touring the web giving you a behind-the-scenes look at The Professor’s Rule, including new character profiles and some very steamy excerpts. We’re also giving away not one but TWO ebooks, so stay tuned!
Thanks so much to our host, Nanee, and to you readers, of course, for coming along!

  1. Heidi actually did have a crush on her Gaelic history professor in university. He was nothing like Carson in appearance or manner or any of it, but the memories of her infatuation were a great inspiration for the chemistry between Carson and James!
  2. Carson got his first name--Evander--from one of Heidi’s friends. But he’s not named after the friend. Rather, he’s named after that friend’s Harry Potter roleplaying character! He and his namesake are both Scottish. Now see if you still find him at all erotic . . .
  3. Carson moved to North America as a teenager. While many in his position would have lost (or at least lessened) their accent, Carson has put out a great effort to keep his intact because it’s an important part of his identity, and he’s proud of his past.

Contest Info:

If you haven’t fallen in lust with the Professor, yet, now’s your chance! We’ve got two ebooks to give away to two lucky commenters: one copy of Giving an Inch, and one of An Inch at a Time. That’s two chances to win! Let us know what burning questions about Carson you’re dying to have answered! Be sure to include your contact info (email, Twitter, or Facebook!) on this or any of the other of the posts on this tour for a chance to win. More comments=more entries, so to increase your odds of winning, be sure to follow the entire tour! We’ll pick a winner New Year’s Eve, so you can start 2014 right!
Inch by Inch (The Professor's Rule #3)

After two long, kink-free years apart, James Sheridan has reunited with his Professor: the sexy, dominant Evander Carson. But this time, things will be different. James is older, more sure of himself, and confident that he can draw the line between Carson’s demands and his own principles.
One of those lines is gorgeous menswear salesman Satish Malhotra. After their steamy dressing room encounter, James feels an unexpected connection to Satish, and he wants to explore it further. But Carson’s involvement—in James’s life, and in James and Satish’s budding relationship—complicates things.
Carson’s penchant for using other men in their sex games has always troubled James, and he’s adamant that Satish not be just another notch in their whipping post. But when Satish learns what prompted James to pursue him in the first place, will James’s new ability to draw the line even matter?

About Amelia:
Amelia C. Gormley may seem like anyone else. But the truth is she sings in the shower, dances doing laundry, and writes blisteringly hot m/m erotic romance while her son is at school. When she’s not writing in her Pacific Northwest home, Amelia single-handedly juggles her husband, her son, their home, and the obstacles of life by turning into an everyday superhero. And that, she supposes, is just like anyone else
Her self-published novel-in-three-parts, Impulse (Inertia, Book One; Acceleration, Book Two; and Velocity, Book Three) can be found at most major online book retailers, and be sure to check Riptide for her latest releases, including her Highland historical, The Laird’s Forbidden Lover, the The Professor’s Rule series of erotic novelettes (co-written with Heidi Belleau), and her upcoming post-apocalyptic romance, Strain
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About Heidi:
Heidi Belleau was born and raised in small town New Brunswick, Canada. She now lives in the rugged oil-patch frontier of Northern BC with her husband, an Irish ex-pat whose long work hours in the trades leave her plenty of quiet time to write. She has a degree in history from Simon Fraser University with a concentration in British and Irish studies; much of her work centered on popular culture, oral folklore, and sexuality, but she was known to perplex her professors with papers on the historical roots of modern romance novel tropes. (Ask her about Highlanders!) Her writing reflects everything she loves: diverse casts of characters, a sense of history and place, equal parts witty and filthy dialogue, the occasional mythological twist, and most of all, love—in all its weird and wonderful forms. She also writes queer-flavoured M/F as Heloise Belleau.
Chat with her on twitter using the handle @HeidiBelleau.
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Nanee's Review: 
Although very short this story packed a punch. James is sweet and in need of "professor" Carson's guidance but he sets boundaries as to not fall under Professors complete control (again). Satish is a sexy guy James would love to spend time with but doesn't want him part of Carson's games. I thought the Satish and James's dinner was romantic and sex afterwards hot but thought it could have been a little more with James and Carson's games or his need to set boundaries. Carson is sexy and demanding towards James but seems as though he wants James to be happy too. This is the first one I have read in this series. James and Carson very Sexy. This book is Sweet and sexy 3.5- 4 stars stars