Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blog Tour and Nanee's Review of The Cowboy's Bride by Danielle Lee Zwissler

Genre: Western Romance


In this novella, Tessa and Jake knew each other since they were infants. It took one drunken night for them to realize they were meant to be together forever. Life didn't see it that way. It takes an arch, a romantic cowboy, and a promise of forever for this couple to finally get their perfection.

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From the middle...
At three o’clock, Jake once again rode up on Midnight, dressed in a suit and white Stetson. This time, he had a rose attached to his lapel. And one long, stem white rose in his hand. Tessa watched him as he stood, waiting for his bride. She nearly screamed as she watched him. He was calm, cool and collected. She was a nervous mess.
She ran her hands down her hair and clutched. Just then...

Nanee's Review:

I love a sexy cowboy with a heart and Jake's got it in spades. Tessa and Jake both loved each other since they were young but neither showed their feelings until  one night at a bar, things spiral from there all for the good until Tessa gets bad news. I know Tessa was under a lot if stress but I wanted to slap her for making Jake wait and wait and wait. What a romantic he is though and wait he does. Sweet and romantic story with a side of sadness but love concurs all right ? Thought the book could have been longer and would have been even better but over all a sweet and romantic read ..3.5 stars

About the Author:

Danielle Lee Zwissler was born in Dover, Ohio. A small town in Northeast Ohio. Her love of romance and cowboys have helped enrich her life and love of reading.She is also big fan of William Shatner, Harry Potter, and all things Harlequin.Her first novel, "Her Last Chance", debuted in 2010 with Firefly & Wisp Books. And then shortly after the sequel, "The Art of Seduction". In 2011, an up and coming publisher, "Books to go Now!" published a trio of short-stories called, "Trio of Sin". Since then, Danielle has been featured in several anthologies, and 5 erotica books under her pen name, Heather Lane.

Currently, Danielle is working on several fantasy as well as a few western romances.
Her latest set of books are all part of a series called, "Cowboys & Cowgirls". This series features five books, all of the western nature, with sexy lead characters and several subplots. The first in the series is "The Cowboy's Bride" which is now available on paperback as well as ebook. Then the rest of the series will go as followed: Served, Cowgirl Up!, Cowboy Up!, Dakota Falls, and then Tiegen's Bride.

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  1. Thank you for the review:) Glad you liked it! There is a lot more to Tessa and Jake's story... This is a rather long series of books all about their lives and the people that come into it.