Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review of Mr Rockstar by Erin M Leaf - Evernight Publishing


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Book Description:

Isabelle’s best friend is getting married and guess who’s the maid-of-honor?

Going to the wedding alone isn’t an option, so when Isabelle’s brother sends his buddy to her rescue, she can hardly believe who it is: rocker Marvin Clementine! He shows up at her door incognito, but nothing can hide the sexy smile that melts her spine.

At the wedding, he is the perfect gentleman right up until Isabelle’s ex-boyfriend attacks him. When Marvin punches him in the nose, taking him down with one swing, what can Isabelle do except take Mr. Rockstar home and kiss his wounds until he’s better?

Of course, one night of bliss isn’t enough for her to overcome her fears. Marvin’s celebrity lifestyle freaks her out, and it would be crazy to move to L.A., right? Especially for someone as shy as Isabelle. Unfortunately, she’s pretty sure Marvin is her one true love…

Nanee's Review:

Love a book with sexy rock stars - well one sexy rock star and oh my god he's sexy sexy. I thought the story had a unique turn if events and very sweet and romantic, what a romantic Marvin  is  (swoon) , love the characters Belle, Marvin, Ian and of course Charlie, Marvin's my fav but Belle with her shyness but in a way sassy she  blurts things out she's thinking and is fun as hell. . Hated Belle's ex , what a jerk and so glad Marvin kicked his butt. The author wrote amazingly hot sex scenes and a sweet and romantic story...4.5 stars

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