Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nanee's Review of Rogue Everlasting by Lisa Phillips - Black Lyon Publishing

A New Threat Taunts Savannah's Vampyre Dynasty ...After two hundred years of womanizing ways, powerful eternal and shameless badboy Reece Clairmont is definitely the rogue of the realm. Now with shipments going missing from the family empire and a crop of mysterious newborns making its presence known, his focus has to be on business-if only Sidney didn't bring to mind pure pleasure.... as an Everlasting Passion Ignites.Dark, graceful and blessed with the rare IQ of a genius, Dr. Sidney Campbell's interests couldn't be further from those of impossibly sexy Reece. He's all lust; she's all logic. United by the need to protect their loved ones, Sidney might have to expand her theorieson biology and chemistry-but can she tame a rogue and his scandalous ways without getting her heart broken?

Nanee's Review:

Very sweet, loving, humorous and sexy. This book has vampires but not in the over kill way some books describe them. I thought this book's characters all fit together perfectly. My fav character would be Reece but Ryder my close second. I love them all for being such a loving family and reaching out to Ryder and giving him a home and feelings that he belongs, then with Lucy. I loved the Caroline part too what a witch. Sydney is so cute with her shyness and words that sounds so analytical, love her and Reece together too, they both deserve happiness but Reece is forever the playboy so who knows if he can commit. Great book, very intriguing, sexy and sweet. 4 stars

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