Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nanee's Review of Loved Enough by Kerry A. Jones - Black Lyon Publishing

Book Description:

Can a long-ago love be rekindled? When a flashflood carries Megan Landers to Evan Holloway's remote cowboy hideaway, they have one chance to find out. Meg Landers had crossed Evan Holloway's mind a time or two, but never had he expected a flashflood in the middle of nowhere to land her right back at his boots. She'd left him behind in the dust once and probably would again if she could find her way out of the treacherous wilderness without him. One look into her familiar green eyes, and darn if he wasn't going to turn staying "stranded" into an art form. When Megan left her family's ranch, she'd also left the memory of a certain skirt-chasing rodeo golden boy far behind. Her plan was an impromptu family visit before her career carried her across the globe. Instead she finds herself at Evan's hideaway in the bottom of Abduction Canyon. Trouble was, it would take more than the heated connection between them to convince her he wasn't the scoundrel she remembered. And that maybe, just maybe, he never had been.

Nanee's Review:

What a sweet, romantic and reminiscing of the past story. Loved Evan he's sweet, confident, sexy and shy (so sexy). Megan or Meg as Evan calls her is a country girl at heart but ran when she couldn't have Evan and now the city is where she lives. As she's thrust back into Evans life by a freak accident they both can't help hoping for a future and wonder what might have been. With innocent hand holding and brushing of hair back and tender kisses I fell for this couple, so sweet and loving but still shy and unsure their relationship is. I thought the author captured this loving story perfectly with great characters and a touch of sweet. 4.5 stars 

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