Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nanee's Review of The House: A Romance by Edward Kendrick

Book Description:

Recently divorced and retired, Neil buys an old home to renovate. When his neighbor, Marshall, offers a helping hand, they soon become friends. Can a shocking discovery and a sweet, meddling neighbor change everything, including Neil's growing attraction to Marshall?

That Marshall is gay and thinks Neil is straight could keep them just friends, despite Marshall's developing interest in Neil.

Then a shocking discovery beneath a trapdoor, and Pattie, a sweet, meddling neighbor, change everything. As they try to solve the mystery of the bones, the question becomes, can Pattie convince Neil to reveal his own growing feelings for Marshall or will he deny them and lose Marshall in the process?

Nanee's Review:

Another sweet and extremely sexy read by Edward Kendrick. I thought this story was sweet with a touch of intrigue, and oh wow never saw that coming and wow wow sexy sexy sexy. I loved these two guys, they both have had a bad relationship but neither dwell (too much) they moved on and want to forget. I loved their friendship and then something more if Marshall has his way. They are very compatible (atleast that's my opinion) and I absolutely love Pattie, what a sweet and caring women and boy is she a hard worker. Love a book with dogs so this one has a twofer. Great book, can't wait to read more by Edward Kendrick. 5 stars 

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