Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nanee's Review of Desired by Wolves Diane Leyne

Book description:

Veterinarian Lena Windsor grew up expecting to be mated to shape-shifter Alex James and his brothers, Joe and Will, when she finished university, but when military vet Alex leaves the three of them behind to re-enlist, she builds a new life for herself, eventually coming home to take over her fathers' practice in Harmony, where she reconciles with Joe and Will. One day, Lena begins to suspect that someone has been prowling around her house while she's at work and uses a nanny cam to find the culprit. She's shocked to see a very changed Alex, who is dealing with a severe war injury by bonding, in wolf-dog form, with the stray dog she adopted who has a similar injury. She'd never turn away an injured animal, not even when he's also the man who broke her heart. Can she help him to heal without falling in love with him again? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Nanee's Review:

Another Sexy as hell story from Diane Leyne. I absolutely positively love Alex! I felt for him so much in this book, I cried along with him, I wanted to hug this big bad alpha who feels like half a man and scared shitless to be without his mate the rest of his life but scared also of being with  her. I cannot say enough about Alex this war hero who is in excruciating pain everyday and feels so alone. Lena I love too I mean who doesn't she's awesome..she takes in a stray dog that's injured, she's a vet and she's the mate of three wolf shifter brothers but the mating was put off when Alex re enlisted. Will and Joe are sexy as hell and dying to claim their mate but they have to wait until the Alpha mans up...a lot of emotions in this book, happiness, sadness, joy and love. What a great book. This one is my fav so far and can't wait to read more.... 5 stars 
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